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 Mike "Red" Avalos

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PostSubject: Mike "Red" Avalos   Mike "Red" Avalos Icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 10:37 am

Birthname: Michael Avalos

Call Sign: Red

Sex: Yes Please

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Species: Human

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 180lbs

Build: Toned Medium


Mike "Red" Avalos ALIENS__Colonial_Marine___by_adonih

Mike has icy blue eyes and a stern look on his face at all times. He has brown, close-crop hair. This give him a complete military look.

Mike's body is covered in scars. After years of service to the Sith Armada, Mike has seen his fair share of battles. Many of the scars are exposed on his face. They can be seen along his cheeks and across his nose and over his left eye. A stubbled beard covers most of the scars. His body is also tainted by a tatoo. The tatoo creates an arch on his upper back saying, "Sith Armada." Underneath the arch are tatooed markings as if counting. These represent every year Mike spends in the Sith Armada. So far there is seven marks grouped into fives.

Mike wears dark grey fatigues with black highlights. On the left shoulder of his shirt, a patch with a skull with a triangular symbol on the forehead is sewn on carefully. A grey web belt wraps around his waist and holds pouches and such for his ammunition, powercells, and anything else he would need in a combat environment. His only armor is the steel helmet atop his head which has a camouflage, clothe cover over it. An elastic band around the lower rim of the helmet holds anywhere from two to six deathsticks on the right side and two cards on the left. One card is an Ace of Spades and has an attractive blonde model on it; the other card is an Ace of Hearts and has an attractive brunette model on it. Another source of protection is his black jungle boots. The legs of his trousers are tucked into the boots and the excess length rolls over the side of the boot.


Proton Carbine
Mike "Red" Avalos Protoncarbine

Armada Combat Knife
Mike "Red" Avalos 21094


Mike was born on Bastion to a single mother who's soul desire in like was to be a whore. His birth was an accident, when the man forgot to pull out in time thus seeding his mother with his growth. Although he, in essence, was an accident, his life wouldn't be.

From the beginning Mike had a rough time getting through life. His emotionally unattached mother threw him out on the streets when he was very young, forcing him to learn how to defend himself and get money any way he could. Gangs became a part of his life very quickly. He would roam the streets and look for abandoned places to sleep and he'd eat from trash cans or from scraps that sympothetic families would give him. Fortunately, Mike was wandering around a shcool yard one day and met a girl his age who befriended him. She asked him why he wasn't in school, and when Mike told her she offered to teach him. Being seven at the time, Mike thought it was a good deal and snuck inside the school yard. He learned that the girl's name was Kiera and when she introduced him to the class the teacher scolded her from bring in "trash" from the street. It didn't stop the young girl though, and she argued until the teacher finally let Mike stay in her class for the day. When school ended, Kiera took Mike home with her and her family took him in. Things for once finally started to look up.

Years passed and Mike grew accustomed to taking warm showers everyday and eating three times a day. Kiera and Mike grew closer as well, becoming the best of friends by the age of twelve. He continued to go to school with her, only recently becoming a real student. He began meeting new people at the school functions and gaining new friends. At the age of fourteen Mike started experimenting with love and the opposite sex. Through out a year he'd have many girlfriends, despite the obvious hurt Kiera felt everytime he brought one home with him. He was a teenager with urges, and he planned to succumb to those urges.

Mike stopped dating at the age of sixteen, feeling that the girls he was finding were boring and just not his type. He started looking at careers as well, feeling that now's a good a time as ever. His eyes fell upon the military. At first he thought of joining the Bastion Guard- he'd be able to stay home but still fight and make a difference. But as time went by, he realized he was destined for something much more than that and his conclusion was made: He'd enlist in the Sith Armada.

At the age of seventeen, Mike enlisted and got the closest shipdate for bootcamp he could. He ran home with a smile on his face at his accomplisment and giddily told Kiera and her family what he had done. They burst into tears but Mike couldn't understand why. In Bastion, the citizens loved the Sith, thinking them more of heroes than villians. Yet as always, the soldiering for the Sith was hard and very dangerous. Kiera told him up front that she would probably never see him again, which concerned Mike.

A week before his shipdate, Mike asked Kiera to go on a walk with him. She accepted and they started off through the streets. They talked for hours and hours about everything they could think of like they used to when they were little. Mike had a lingering thought stuck in his head, and it was about what Kiera had told him when he had enlisted. He turned to her and stared into her forward turned eyes. She looked over at him and asked what was up. Mike stopped in his tracks, and Kiera followed suite, asking him again what was wrong. Mike looked up at her and all he could do was lock his lips to hers. When he released her, she was blushing and tears were sliding down her cheeks. He told her that he loved her and that he didn't want to go away, but he had to. He tried to explain why, but couldn't find the words. Though she didn't understand, she accepted it like so many other things Mike had done. The next week they spent every available time with each other before Mike shipped out.

Bootcamp was hard for Mike. He had grown physically tough in his years and worked out regularly but nothing prepared him for the non-stop action of the Armada's training. The Drill Instructors broke him down and rebuilt him from scratch. They gradually brainwashed him into thinking he was the best. Mike wasn't alone in this either, seventy other recruits got the same treatment. When one did something wrong, they all were beaten and PT'd until they were dragging themselves back to their bunks. When one did something right, they'd say "good job!" and then PT the group over and over. It was living hell, but it prepared him.

One night one of his buddies who was also a recruit sat down on the bunk across from Mike. They started talking about their families and why they had joined the Armada. The recruit asked Mike if he had anyone back home that was waiting for him. His mind flashed back to Kiera and a feeling of uneasiness fell over him. Mike nodded and took off his hat, reaching inside it to obtain a picture that Kiera had given him so that he wouldn't forget her. The recruit whistled in approval and nodded his head wildy. Mike nodded and returned the picture to the sweat band of his military hat and replaced the hat ontop of his head.

When Mike graduated from bootcamp, he was placed in an Infantry Regiment - 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment, or 1/2 as it was normally refered to. The training that the regimental commanding officer bestowed upon the soldiers under his command was intense. Mike pushed through it, gaining expert marks in every field he was tested in. A month later, the unit deployed to action.

Korrban was the unit's destination to quell an uprising of militants in the colony of Dreshdae. Mike's platoon was on point when they landed. As they neared the outskirts of the colony, they started taking fire. Mike hit the deck as fast as he could in his Phase-I Clone armor. Others weren't so lucky, being cut down instantly. It was the first time Mike had seen combat like this, and people being killed like this. Most of them were seventeen, just like him.

Despite his platoon suffering heavy casualties just to get into the colony, Mike's unit stood victorious within hours. Half an hour after the last of the rebelion was wiped out, the unit was back on a ship heading to a new desitination.

Mike's unit was on a hit and run bases with it's deployments. For three years, Mike stayed aboard a ship and deployed to surface combat with his unit. He grew to the rank of sergeant and lead a squad of troopers in the last two engagements Mike would have in 1/2. When the higher-ups saw his accomplishments and that he hadn't died in all the combat he'd seen, they decided to give him special training.

It wasn't long before Mike was in a year long ARC training course. When he completed, he was assigned to the 10th ARC Regiment who would deploy a week after he settled in. The mission was to find a Jedi envlave on a heavily defended planet. Mike would lead a squad of ARC's in, find the enclave, and report it to his superiors. He completed his task, but was the only one that survived the harsh climate.

A new Dark Lord rose from the Sith Order, and watched as Mike was sent on several more deployments with the 10th ARC Regiment. By this time, Mike had settled with less armor, knowing that armor did nothing against blaster rifles and carbines. He wore grey fatigues and a steel helmet with a camouflage cover. Instead of wielding an E-11 or DC-15, he chose to wield the versitile Proton Carbine.

Years passed and finally the Dark Lord made his decision. Mike was pulled from the 10th ARC Regiment and placed in charge of a battalion of hand picked troops to be an elite group. The men weren't clones, but recruited which made Mike happy as he had to serve with many clones in the past. Mike trained the men to excell in heavy assaults from the land, sea and air. They were soon called the Teufelhunden by the regular Trooper Corps. The name stuck and became official not long after. The Teufelhunden emblem was a skull with a triangular symbol on it's forehead. They were the toughest, the meanest, and the best the Armada had.

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Mike "Red" Avalos
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