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 Aiden Avalos

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PostSubject: Aiden Avalos   Aiden Avalos Icon_minitimeWed Feb 11, 2009 9:01 pm

Name: Aiden Avalos

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Caucasian

Height: 5í6Ē

Weight: 140lbs

Build: Wiry yet muscular

-Solid black military fatigues with a dark grey Jedi Adventurer tunic pulled over it. Trousers are bloused half way down his black combat boots.
Brief Description:
-Younger version of his father, Mike Avalos
-Black hair with dyed white streaks in the front comes down to about his eye-brows
-Scars on his shoulders, chest, back, arms, and one on his face
-Motherís good looks
-Chiseled muscles
-Not an ounce of fat on his body

Proton Carbine
Aiden Avalos Protoncarbine

Sith Marine Combat knife
Aiden Avalos Original_kabar_leather


Aiden was born not knowing who is father was. His father, Mike Avalos, had left for the Sith Armada before Aidenís mother even knew she was pregnant with Aiden. For the first few years of Aidenís life, his mother would hold him in her lap while she read him his fatherís letters. When the letters stopped coming, Aidenís mother became deeply depressed. She talked about his father all the time, saying how much Aiden reminded her of him. It soon got the better of Aiden, and he decided that when he was old enough, he would enlist in the Sith Armada.

Through out Aidenís life, he had to learn the hard way. He learned just as his father learned, on the streets with no help from anyone. His mother was a walking wreck and he had no friends that he trusted. The only thing he had going for him was life on the street and the future career in the Sith Armada.

When Aiden turned fourteen, he got into his first fist fight. A few of his buddies decided they were going to pick a fight with a gang of other kids. They dragged Aiden into the brawl in which he came out on top, helping his friends win the fight. From there, the fights escalated into full out weapon fights. At one point, Aiden participated in a gang battle using blaster pistols and carbines. He was hit three times, twice in the arm and once in the leg. He healed quickly and surprisingly, the wounds never left any scars. The experience took its toll on Aidenís youth, turning his heart and soul into a calloused, torn, shell.

Finally, Aiden was able to enlist in the Sith Armada. He did so as soon as possible and immediately questioned his recruiter about Mike Avalos, his father. Thatís when Aiden found out that his father was the Commander of a battalion of Sith Marines, the elite assault unit in the Sith Armada. Aiden didnít hesitate, he signed up for the Sith Marines immediately.

He reported to the battalion three days before shipping off to Yaga Minor for battle. He was apart of Delta Company. He saw Mike only once in the trip to Yaga Minor but what he did see was that Mike was indeed his father. Aiden looked just like him only younger and untouched. Aiden had that ďinnocentĒ look about him while Mike held a sinister look. Aiden couldnít help but feel intimidated by his commanding officer and father.

When the invasion of Yaga Minor began, Aiden waited nervously. He had been in gun fights before, but they were gang on gang, not soldier on soldier. The kid was about to get a nasty awakening. Aiden landed with his company in the first wave on a beach head. There was very light resistance; one or two squads of Imperials that were easily dispatched. Aiden started to think that war was easy, it was a thought heíd never think again.

Delta Company set up on and along a canyon leading to the heart of the Imperial base. They dug in; Aiden was in one of the front most positions inside the canyon. Without warning, the Imperials sent massive infantry and repulsor lift armor through the canyon towards Delta Company. The Company held fast against the onslaught. Although scared and confused, Aiden fought on and in turn, learned that in war, fighting like a dog is what wins the battles. The Imperials started coming at a slower pace and Delta started celebrating its first victory. As soon as half the Company stood up straight and started cheering as the Imperials started retreating, artillery fire from the orbiting Imperial ships tore the Companyís position apart.

As the battle dragged on, Aiden lost more and more of his new found brothers. His heart, already calloused, turned to stone. His soul completely vanished. In his eyes, everyone was already dead, including himself. The kidís eyes were distant, his expression non-chalant and the way he moved changed. He no longer walked with a pride or with his chin high. His strides were now marked with carelessness and laziness. Aiden had been through events no one should live through. By the battleís end, Aiden wasnít even recognizable as a human being.
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Aiden Avalos
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