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 Jedi Knight Talon Rann

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PostSubject: Jedi Knight Talon Rann   Jedi Knight Talon Rann Icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 5:54 pm

Personal Information
Name/Handle: Fyurin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
How did you find us?: I live here yo

Character Information
Name: Talon Rann
Nickname/Alias: none
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Zabrak
Homeworld: Onderon
Force Sensitive?: Yes

Body Information
Clothing Outline: Wears maroon robes and tunic.
Face Outline: Green Zabrak tribal tattoos, scar on left eye and below cheek
Height: 5Ē11Ē

Combat Information
Faction: Jedi
Rank: Knight
Weapon: Two double bladed lightsabers. One purple, one blue.
Spaceship: Viridian Harbor (Space Station), K-Wing

Force Powers
Light Side Powers:
Disable Droid
Force Blind
Force Heal
Force Stun
Hibernation Trance
Plant Surge

Neutral Power:
Battle Meditation
Force Defense
Force Deflection
Force Absorb
Force Wave
Force Weapon
Mind Trick
Force Cloak
Force Resuscitation

Lightsaber Information

Handle Design: Helix
Blade Color: Purple and blue, take your pick, hes got two, that rhymed, woah.
Learnt Lightsaber Techniques: All
Mastered Lightsaber Techniques: All


Talon was born on the planet of Onderon. His mother was a high councilor in the Onderonian government. Talon was raised on the planet and lived with both his mother and his father, his father was gone a lot, but when he was home, there was one thing him and Talon would always do together. His father would come home after being gone for a long amount of time, and first he would spend time with his wife.

After that, it was all him and Talon. Every time his father returned him and Talon did something, they went to the Onderonian government center, the military base, and other things, since Talon was amazed by it all. But one day, Talonís father returned in a tired state. Talonís mother was at work when he arrived. He stumbled in through the door exhausted. Talon quickly fetched water and other things to tend to him. After his father was rested and well again he called Talon to his side. He told Talon that his mother had been killed in an assassination at the senate building on Coruscant. Talon did not understand at first, but he eventually realized what had happened, and he broke down crying.

His father got control of him once more and said to him that he needed to teach him something, but it would take great patience and skill, so he must not grow frustrated. Talon naturally agreed, little did he know what he was to learn. Talonís father stayed in Onderon form then on. The day after his revealing Talonís motherís death, Talonís father showed him something that would stay in his mind forever. His father took out a long metal looking cylinder from his robes, and showed it to Talon. He told Talon that it was a light saber, and a double bladed one. He explained to Talon that he would be teaching him how to use it, and he would be one of the best. Shortly after this Talon began his training with the light saber. Day after day him and his father got together, and Talon learned the ways of the Jedi Weapon Master, and how to handle the double bladed light saber.

Days turned to months, months turned to years, until Talon finally reached the age of 17. He came home from being at the market to find a horrid scene. His house lay in fiery ruin, scorch marks all around. He ran into the burning building searching for his father, and found him, barely alive, under a large piece of stone. All he did was look at Talon, and tell him, ďJedi, Dantooine, show them this!Ē, and handed him his light saber. This is where Talonís story began. Talon then made his way to Dantooine, and found the Jedi Enclave there, having no idea what it was. Here it was that he met his master, Lancer Onasi. Lancer took him on right away, not hesitating to train him in the ways of the light, so as to keep him from the ever threatening dark. Talon learned quickly and mastered the ways of the force in time. Day after day he, and Lancerís other padawan, Xeomas, would train hard to become Jedi Knights. Finally, when his knighthood seemed so close, there was a shock wave that burst in the Jedi Order. The Council decided that all Jedi masters were to lose their titles, and become knights again, so as to help them be more helpful and worthy. This did not go down well, and a master called Helius Tak blockaded Coruscant. After a peaceful negotiation, a meeting was called that included all Jedi, to decide how the situation was to be resolved. Many Jedi spoke at the meeting, including Talon, and it was decided upon that a new vote would occur, for the Jedi Masters and the Jedi Council.

Long since all this has occurred, Talon separated himself from the galaxy which was so prone to chaos to learn the ways of the force. After his near defeat defending the JedI Temple from the Sith, he would not be so easily conquered again in its use. He was now much more powerful in its manipulation and application. Spending 5 long years meditating and training, Talon has returned to reclaim his place as a protector of light.
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Jedi Knight Talon Rann
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