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PostSubject: Valad Rann   Valad Rann Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 12:21 pm

Birth name: Valad "Val" Raan

Race: Zeltron

Age: 25

Master: na

Rank: na

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Transporter

Appearance: 5' 10, slim build, red skin, purple hair, blue eyes.

I'm gonna be lazy and leave this out. Don't like it then too bad. 8 P

Terand Ranus - Force Neutral
Kenzer Tyrcen - Jedi Padawan
Jerex Ak'Chazar - Sith Apprentice
Kraisen - Neutral

Valad Rann W7lle1
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Valad Rann
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