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Adroit System

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Dakar Constantine

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Dakar is an older man, eighty four years to be exact. With gray hair, and wrinkled skin, he appears as your average senior. But Dakar walk’s, and talk’s as though he was forty years younger. He is a man who’s smile remains just as charismatic as it was when he was twenty, who’s gaze holds only honesty. And for all that, he is not your average senior, and one cannot help but see the wisdom he radiates.

He may be shorter then he was, standing at 5’8 instead of 6’1, but he still stands up straight, with his chest stuck out. He may have less muscle on his bones, but he carries a deep voice strong enough to scare away a rancor. And as always, Dakar is dressed as a business man. A professional, well fitted gray jacket, complete with gray pants and black shoes.

Dakar is a straight forward, honest man who wears his feelings out for everyone to know. He does not hesitate to call someone out, and will never tip toe around a subject. He is direct, firm, but also very compassionate and caring. Perhaps his most famous trait is his high set of morals, and his ability to adhere by them at all times. Dakar has made one of the most successful businesses with ethical business practices, and that alone has gained him favor among the galaxy.

As a man of moral’s, it comes with no surprise Dakar distastes dishonesty with a fiery passion. With a good heart, Dakar loathes those who cause harm to others. While at the same time, he admires those who act with dignity and high principles. Organizations such as the jedi order’s moral philosophy, and idea of self sacrifice.

Dakar is physically little of no threat to those who would try to harm him. He is not particularly strong, nor is he quick or agile. He is not an accomplished swordsman, nor is he an adept martial artist. He is however a fair shot with a blaster, though nothing special.

However, Dakar is very wise, and a brilliant strategist. His understanding of economics is rivaled only by view, and with a vast knowledge of politics he would make a strong candidate for high political positions if he could stand the web of lies constructed by politicians.

Dakar was born to a rich family on Corellia, His father was a politician, while his mother watched over Dakar and his four older brothers. During his younger years, Dakar was the under achieving son, who struggled in school, and who’s discipline was questioned when it came to work. His brothers however, all achieved great things at early ages, that over shadowed Dakar even further. The oldest, a military genius who would graduate top of his class from the Corellian military academy. Another would follow in his fathers foot steps, and become a politician. His other two would become doctors and the last joining the military and rise quickly in the ranks as his oldest brother had. Dakar however, failed to be accepted to all the high end school’s his father had applied for him to go, and instead Dakar attended a mediocre university.

Because of his fathers obvious bias towards his brothers, a rift was made between Dakar and his father. By the time Dakar left for this mediocre university, Dakar has strived to be the opposite of his father. Dakar was direct, and brutally honest, unlike his father. As a politician, his father was indirect, and perhaps did not lye, but certainly spoke out of context, and did what he could to portray himself in a positive light, and his opponents in a negative one. However, Dakar could avoid his father when he left for the university, rarely ever returning home. Instead, he burred himself in books and his studies, something he avoided desperately in his adolescent years. In them, he found a fascination in economics and though he would never admit it politics.

On one of the few occasions Dakar returned home for a holiday, Dakar had as always gotten into a heated argument with his father. In the end, Dakar had stormed out of the house, and into the rain. There in his anger, he walked and walked, until he found himself in the slums of Corellia, which quite clean compared to many planets. But to Dakar, the son of a rich politician, they were all too saddening. It was their Dakar vowed to help his community, and he was going to do so through business.

At his mediocre university, Dakar’s passion came alive, and motivated him to stand above his peers. With the high grades, he was able to join the CEC at a high end management position. Their, his natural charisma and economic genius showed through, and allowed him to move up, one promotion at a time. In record time, Dakar reached the peak as a CEO, where he felt he could make his difference. Diverting company funds, Dakar increased his employee’s wages, cut deals with crooked business, created charities, made donations, offered scholarships. But those were only the beginning of his plans. He even cut his salary significantly from a multi-billion dollar executive to a comfortable 70,000 salary. He lived modestly for a man who could live powerfully. However his plans would all be cut short, after the board of directors found his practices to be cutting into overall profits. Without warning, Dakar’s affiliation with CEC would end, and he would be kicked out of the company.

However, Dakar held on to his goals, though he realized he would need to start from the ground up. Having gained favor with the community in the partial time he was in CEC, he was loaned the money to start up a private shipping service. There he provided CoroNet with reliable shipping, while still practicing his same ethical strategies. At first, company growth was slow, but eventually his reputation within the community and the company’s customer service became so renowned that local businesses could not compete despite lower prices. Soon The Ark Shipping Company as it was called, would be known all through out Coronet and would be the primary form of shipping. This only led to more benefits given to employee’s and customers, which in turn lead to more business. However Dakar refused to expand, despite plea’s from fellow executives within the company.

Dakar feared that by expanding a company that he already thought was too large, it would loose its value and positive effect within a community. However, Dakar finally agreed to expand, but would divide the company, so that each location that The Ark Shipping Company went, it acted almost as if it was still local. He did this by diverting the majority of the power to local management, and less from the executive’s, including himself. Because of this jump, Profits sky rocketed with the multiple locations, and The Ark launched into space, providing interstellar shipping. Not long after, the company grew so large, yet due to its local management structure, it remained the best customer service community builder in the galaxy.

Not long after The Ark Company launched into space, it Dakar realized that his goal of helping communities could be achieved, but also help the galaxy as a whole. It was then that The Ark Shipping Company became just a branch of what is now called The Ark Corporation. A galaxy wide planet restoration project was put into motion. The Ark Corporation also got its hands into robotics, developing new technologies to provide cures for virus’s and healing solutions. However The Ark also became a target, as did its locations. And because of such, it began developing weapons and ships. Dakar realized that he could also provide protection to those planets that the Ark Corporation landed, while still, after everything maintaining the local, community support that he built at the beginning of the Ark Corporation. However at the age of 84, Dakar soon realized he would not live forever. And would became his worst fear was realized. That the Ark Corporation could easily corrupt after his passing.

Having surrounded himself in his work, he had no family, and now needed a predecessor . The search would soon begin for someone to take over one of the most successful businesses in galactic history.
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Dakar Constantine
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