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 Corric Constantine

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Adroit System

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Corric Constantine Call_A_Favor_by_wraithdt

Corric is a charismatic man, who’s appearance has no doubt augmented his natural charm. He is not a particularly well groomed man, but does keep his hair short though slightly messy. His goatee is well trimmed, something he has practiced since before he could even grow facial hair His square jaw stands out as one of his strong facial features, which most have found appealing.

His body is well toned, creating an athletic build to ensure dexterity and strength. His clothing while picked for visual appeal, was more for practicality. His beige jacket, a rugged material meant to handle itself through rough times, has been worn through it all. This tough jacket, while not overly impressive, can certainly dampen blows from blunt trauma. Sharp objects, with swords and knives aside, will not cut through the jacket with ease, or even puncture it. Even dull swords and knives would have trouble breaking through, though of course it is no match for a vibroblade, or any well crafted sword. His trousers, a dark brown color are equally as tough, but lack the layers his jacket carries.

Through his years as a pirate, a smuggler, and a soldier, Corric has accumulated a number of scars. None however, have any meaning, and are hidden safe beneath his cloths. Though one stretches across his hand, which Corric will wrap on occasion. But even the scars, and rugged apparel have left Corric with a sort of rogue like appeal, and with a sly smile he has often avoided deathly situations. But then again, it was his rash nature and smile that got him into the mess in the first place.

Corric is a reckless man, who’s rebellious nature lead him away from his family, and into a world of pirates and smugglers. Under the influence of scoundrels and criminals, Corric developed a cynical view of the world, and a crude sense of humor. He trusted few, and looks out for number one. But when you’re a smuggler, or a pirate… that’s what you have to do.

However, beneath his rough exterior, Corric is a deep individual who’s true character holds high morals. But his lifestyle has forced him to lock his morals away, and build a wall to protect himself from betrayal and deceit. With the understanding that everyone is out to get him, Corric has felt little guilt deceiving and harming others, since they were trying to get him first right?


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Corric Constantine
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