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Mark Kenobi

Mark Kenobi

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PostSubject: (Obi)Mark Kenobi   (Obi)Mark Kenobi Icon_minitimeThu Nov 06, 2008 11:36 am

(Obi) Mark Kenobi

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Rank: Master

Master(s): Obi-Maz Kenobi and Master of the Whills

Age: 25

Time with GameTalk: 6 years

Equipment: Rebreather, grapling hook, Exar Kun Holocron

Lightsabers: Double-Avenger design, blue (w/splitting hilts); double-Helix design, green(w/splitting hilts)

Lightsaber Style: Master of Soresu; Advanced in Djem So; Adept in Ataru and Makashi

Martial Arts: Teras Kasi

Appearance: Black Jedi robes; black tunic; Jedi belt with two clips, attachment cases and Jedi combat boots. Stands 6’1; short gold-brownish hair; short beard; blue eyes; slender, slightly muscular build.


Obi-Mark Kenobi was a long lost Jedi and the older brother of Obi-Wan. Although recognized for his skill by Yoda and Mace Windu, he was not granted the level of Jedi Knight because of his anger and potential with the Darkside. He uncovered the plots of Senator Palpatine many years ago on Bespin, and after sparing his life and attempting to bring him to trial, the Sith pushed him into a carbon chamber.

Centuries later, he was released by Obi-Maz Kenobi by chance, a descendant of his family line. Obi-Maz was said to have sensed a tug from the Force and was inclined to discover the source-the long lost Mark Kenobi. The Padawan was examined by a doctor after his long hibernation, and found that Mark had slowed in his aging-in fact, he would age five times slower due a genetically changed body caused by carbon sleep. Mark was fully instructed by Obi-Maz, who thoroughly tested him to make sure he knew all about the Force. Obi-Maz and Mark went on a number of missions, mostly focusing on tracking down the Darklord Merlock. Mark began letting go of his occasional uses of the Darkside. Trained by his own blood in a new age, he became a Jedi Knight. But to the test he was put by his Master, to show his knowledge and wisdom. To peace, to love, to the Force he lived his life, but he was an outcast from the Jedi, unapproved by any due to his pedantic personality.

The unaccepted Jedi became a menace to the Sith, constantly hunting their Darklord, Merlock. Whether he would succeed was unknown, but to the Force he gave his will. When he finally boarded Merlock’s ship, he was met by Serung, his lightsaber-whipped apprentice, and engaged in battle. After jumping back from a whiplash from the Sith Knight, he batted the whip back into the skull of Serung, killing him instantly. Mark started roaming about the ship, looking for Merlock’s quarters, hiding himself in the Force with the art of Force Masking. Unfortunately, he was not able to hold off his presence long enough, and security droids were dispatched to take him down. A large amount were sent, but Mark managed to kill a large number, and before Merlock could sense where he was, he had already taken an escape pod, secretly heading to Korriban.

After he escaped Merlock’s ship, he roamed about Korriban in secret and entered the Sith Temple. Rushing into a Sith Council meeting, and with a quick throw, he threw his lightsaber blade into Darth Kalan and threw himself across the room, towards Merlock and lunging for the kill. By a quick parry, the Dark Lord lived, and the two fought until Merlock shamelessly called in his Sith friends Kira and Kain to join in the fray. From the tides of a small war, Mark ran from his pursuers, pushing them away with the Force and leaping into an air shaft, but un-followed by the Sith. As they attempted to catch him, by some other means, he hid himself in the Force, and Mark hijacked a ship and left unseen.

Two Sith had been killed by the Jedi, and Sith Kira had been infuriated by his escape and his supposed mockery towards her. She hired her favored bounty hunter friend Boba Fett after him. After exiting a Coruscant pub, he was challenged by the bounty hunter. It became obvious to him now-he had become a menace to the Sith, and was hunted down by Merlock, whose close ally raised a bounty on his head. He fought the bounty hunter and Mark defeated him by deflecting his own rockets back at him with the lightsaber. Mark found that he required more training to safely attack Merlock and win, because something always got in his way of his archrival and himself.

Sometime after his encounter with the bounty hunter, he vanished for a year period, training with a Shaman of the Whills and learning more Force powers, and learning the weaknesses of the Sith. Sometime during the one year, he took occasional trips to Teras Kasi to learn martial arts, including lightning fast moves to dodge even lightsabers.

During his ventures in the Galaxy, he met an aspiring Force-sensitive who had already fought his own share of Sith. After asking him if he wished to be trained as a Jedi, Mark trained and knighted his friend Trever, and returned to Coruscant after a long period of being away. He was the tutor of the mysterious Jedi Knight Ven and Padawan Rain Rivers during this time.

After Mark had finished his training and also the tutelage of his Padawans, the Jedi Knight was eager to test his new skills on Merlock. On a encounter on Cloud City, Mark and Merlock dueled once more. For the first time, Mark was able to fight Merlock toe to toe. During his training, Mark had learned to defend against the power of Force Fear, which took away Merlock’s greatest advantage. The battle raged on above the peaks of Cloud City. In the midst of the duel, the lightsabers damaged the bridge on which the two fought, and they fell a long way. They continued to fight in midair, but eventually the wind forced them apart. They slid down through separate shafts, and Mark could not find Merlock again. He left the planet and continued his search for the Darklord.

A Sith Lord had found in Mark a taste of justice against his Jedi counterparts for ignoring him, and planted in his mind the seed of darkness. Mark's mind raged with vengeance to his friends on Coruscant, killed by a group of bounty hunters and wicked soldiers hired as a Sith-following Legion. Within his head, toil came and overcame his Jedi instincts, and for a time, he fell to the Darkside. The Sith Lord brought him to Merlock, who knighted him a Sith after proving his thirst for vengeance and the power of his anger.

As his first order under Merlock's rule, Mark was sent to kill the Sith's own bounty hunters and slay them mercilessly. As his prey all rallied in a cantina to celebrate their bounty, the newly-named Sith marched as to a beat of war into the pub. Still with a blue saber, he ran one through as the rest drew their blasters. Deflecting their bolts as they attacked with rage and yet retreated in fear, the Sith Knight cut down and severed each one with a feeling of rage. He didn't find pleasure in it, he found only justice. A Jedi seed still within even then. As the leader assaulted him, Mark electrified him with a fiery charge of Force Lightning.

As he returned triumphantly to the Darklord-who taught him most Darkside powers, such as Destruction, Storm and Fear-trained him personally. As a conditional gift, Merlock gave him a holocron of Exar Kun. After this training, his next order was to kill his former Padawans and a Jedi Master of his choosing to prove his loyalty. With a rage just at the thought of killing his apprentices, he drew his blade once more as a Jedi, and again he engaged Merlock. As Mark's rage was unleashed on Merlock, the Darklord retreated in haste and called upon his underlings yet again, escaping. Mark was forced to run before he was ambushed.

While Mark no longer wanted to serve the Sith, the holocron he received was apparently the Dark Lord's fail-safe for Mark. The spirit of Exar Kun within it possessed the Jedi and he struggled with it terribly. With the aid of his former apprentice Trever, Mark finally succeeded in overcoming the spirit. Ashamed of his falling to the Darkside, Mark erased his Sith deeds from his mind by doing all he could to repent for it.

When Mark returned to Coruscant, he learned that Merlock had just attacked the Jedi Temple with a band of Sith. Merlock engaged Seravoc in battle and knocked his lightsaber from his grasp, and began electrifying him with Force Lightning. Mark came up from the entrance of the room and Force Pushed Merlock through a glass window. He managed to get Seravoc to safety before Merlock regained his senses, but unfortunately did not make it back in time to finish him off.

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Mark Kenobi

Mark Kenobi

Number of posts : 302
Registration date : 2008-11-06

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For his bravery in combat, his exceeding powerful display of the Force and saving Seravoc, Mark was a named an official Jedi Master of the Jedi Order. However, Mark left Coruscant shortly after and hardly ever returned, thus not allowing him to assume a seat on the Council.

He had one last encounter with Merlock on Naboo. As he was hunting in a library on Korriban where he had sensed him, Mark instead sat beside him as the Darklord documented his prowls throughout the Galaxy. Talking to the Sith Lord rather than running him through, he also documented his ventures and also in Merlock’s journal at his request, and then left the Darklord to himself. It was the last time he ever saw the Darklord Merlock.

Directly after leaving Naboo, Mark Kenobi journeyed to Kamino to order 300 million clones that aged at a normal pace, to be ready within a certain time. Mark had received approval for Senate funding to continue ordering clones armies. Two more sets were pre-ordered to be made ready after the first set was ready. The reason-Mark planned on taking a long time in Force hibernation. When the clones were ready, they would be named “the Blade of Kenobi.”

Mark again was on the hunt for Merlock, tracking down his vessel. As the Jedi Master tried to follow it to its destination, he was detected by the Sith’s ship. After taking a hard blow to his left wing, the Jedi Master had a rough landing in the nearby planet of Hoth. After unpacking his winter suit from his X-Wing, Mark found a shelter that was owned by the Republic. During his stay, Mark came across fellow Jedi Master Odin, who introduced him to a new Force-power: Force Ice. Mark found Hoth the best place to learn all about this newfound power. He himself entirely supported its publishing. Mark left Hoth after three months of training, finding all the uses for Force Ice and practicing them all; and so Mark returned to the Galaxy a master of Force Ice, knowing practically every use to Force Ice, and also how make water from the air. It would soon become one of his favorite Force powers.

Mark remained in hiding for a time on Coruscant, trying to forgive himself his weakness. While returning to the Jedi Temple, Mark came across a new and oddly named Sith, Darth Corkus. The Sith Lord was on a killing spree, trying out his newly found darkside powers. Mark, with his vast experience against the Darklord, proved more than a match for Corkus. Although the Jedi succeeded in stopping his massacre, the Sith managed to escape by hurling a large crate towards a civilian, whom Mark ran to protect, allowing the Sith to flee on a speed bike.

It was believed that he underwent Force-hibernation shortly after his last encounter with Merlock, during which many important events took place. Although he was named a Jedi Master, an order was given out that former Jedi Masters other than the currently selected ones were again the rank Jedi Knight, and so he never took the advantages that his former rank allowed him to do. After many years of Force sleep, he awoke in a time where the surrounding Jedi and Sith were not familiar to him.

When Mark was in a pub on Coruscant, drinking his energy drink, he encountered a youth named “Dash Valo” who was the son of a Sith. By careful words, he brought the young lad on the right path. When he was bringing Dash to the Jedi Temple, he encountered Syra Karshel, a homeless girl whom he knew to be a Force Sensitive. This girl was later trained by Leon Stealth and became a Jedi Master.

After another disappearing act to a far-off planet that Mark named “Pax Prime,” likely another Force Sleep, the Jedi Knight was disturbed by a Darth Diablos, who somehow found his way to Mark’s private planet in the Unknown Regions. Mark defended himself and held him off until the Sith left the planet.

At a time when Skor was first pronounced a Sith Lord, he took to his new role openly and wished to make a bigger name for himself by attacking the Dantooine Jedi Temple. There were no Jedi Masters there at the time when it was ambushed. Mark rushed to defend the temple from the Sith. He met up with Kensh Yowes, who fended off Skor while Mark helped the other Jedi present. Mark helped Kensh in the aftermath of the battle and afterwards left the planet.

As Black Hand Empire was off attacking Jedi Temples and other Jedi Knights, Kensh Yowes was reinstated into the Order and declared war on the BHE, calling all Jedi to come out and fight the threat. During this time, Mark fought with Malas and Darth Silencer with the help of Thaed when the Sith decided to attack Coruscant. After many Jedi were killed, Kensh Yowes called back the Jedi from attacking the BHE. Mark heeded the call and journeyed to Tatooine in search of a tranquil period of mind.

During a period of turmoil among the Sith, they were break offs to the Dark Jedi Order and the Catalyst Order. Mark learned that the Lord of the Catalysts, Darth Korribanus, otherwise known as Anarcus, was located in the system of Mustafar. Mark tracked Anarcus and was challenged by the Dark Hierarch. As Anarcus drew his double-sided, Mark felt a power aura emit from Anarcus, one he was familiar with – the power of Force Fear. Due to his encounters with Merlock, however, Mark knew have to counter the effect of Force Fear and fought Anarcus toe to toe until a volcanic eruption separated their paths. Mark once again returned to Pax Prime for a period.

After a long period of solitary meditation, Mark journeyed to Coruscant to find the temple destroyed, and heard news of the Naboo Temple being destroyed as well. With the fate of the Galaxy hanging in the balance, Mark Kenobi returned in the hopes of lending a helping hand. Mark journeyed to Korriban in an attempted to assualt Palin, the Wolf of Ragnarok, Darth Hevek and Darth Frost all at once. After the quick encounter, the Sith fled, not seemingly to care to fight him on that night. Mark, seeing their resolve, did not follow them. Instead, he took his StealthX back to Coruscant.

Mark encountered a Coruscant dancer name Aly in a pub. The Jedi Knight gave her cover from Samael Knesos, the perverted son of Shumorin Kavis Knesos. At this time, Mark met and befriended Castor Taneire. He trained him partially at the Coruscant Temple before Castor left for unknown reasons.

Upon receiving word that his clone army was finally ready, Mark made a bold move by ordering his fleet to make a blockade over Coruscant, disallowing anyone to enter or leave the planet until the rest of the Jedi Order responded to his demands of reforming the Jedi Order. Met by a spiteful Kankaro, the Jedi Knight dueled and quickly subdued the Chiss. The Chiss was later stripped of his powers and memory-due to his appalling behavior throughout his Jedi career-and was sent to live as a farmer on Naboo, watched closely by Desra Lodet. Mark immediately afterwards met with K1ddy, Wind, Richter Belmont, MasterSpartan/Jade, Samael and Kavis Knesos as they talked over the conditions of reformation.

All Jedi Masters were restored their rank, Jedi were again allowed to marry, and K1ddy formed a new Jedi Council. Although was offered a position on the Council, Mark refused it, fearing the other Jedi might think he obtained it by force. He lifted the blockade and offered his fleet to the use of K1ddy and the other Jedi Masters. Mark re-obtained his rank of Jedi Master and offered support to K1ddy, Bandit and Kell Gase in the process of reforming and rebuilding the Jedi.
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(Obi)Mark Kenobi
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