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 Profile: Rebecca Stargazer

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PostSubject: Profile: Rebecca Stargazer   Profile: Rebecca Stargazer Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2008 4:21 pm

Name: Rebecca Stargazer.

Nickname: Becca, Lil' Angel

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Purple

Clothing: Wearing a lilac tunic with gray jeans. She has black boots with jets in the soles.

Weapons: Twin swords, knives, energy cuffs.

Background: Rebecca grew up on Sanctuary Moon (Yavin 4). She lived in the forest and through practice, became an expert in the use of the sword. When she was five she met a large wolf dubbed Scaldin. The jet black wolf became her friend and companion for the next 10 years. Then she met Dusk and Rose. Agreeing to travel with them, she became to admire Dusk. Then she came face to face with his unknowing sister Dawn. Though the two had conflicting attitudes, a bond of thrust was soon established. Leaving her home planet led her to many fights, but after leaving Dusk on Tatooine, she continued on and became tangled in a thick astro-storm. Forced to flee, she dived towards the temple on Tython. TBC...
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Profile: Rebecca Stargazer
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