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 Profile: Redack D'Zor

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Profile: Redack D'Zor Empty
PostSubject: Profile: Redack D'Zor   Profile: Redack D'Zor Icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 12:06 pm

Name: Zack Roderd (anagram of Redack D'Zor)

Master: Rouge Sith

Force Use: Dark Side

Alignment: Unknown- Constantly Changing

Rank: Knight

Species + Gender: Clawdite, Male

- The Force (Dark Side)
- Dual Lightsabers- Black Lightsabers that create a golden blade.

Other Items:
- Data Crystals: He obtained these when he ruled Roon. These crystals are used to store unlimited amounts of data and information, far advanced from a computer or databank.
- Comm links: Redack has many comm links that can only transmit to his personal comm link.
- Redack’s Comm Link: This comm link has a deadly laser. It can be used to communicate with other comm links and has a few other things it can do that have never been recorded.

Personality: Devious, Traitorous and Manipulative. Redack will net hesitate to use his closest friends or even his own family if he feels it will achieve his goals.

History (Old): Although most belive him to be the origional Redack he is infact a clone. Born in a cloning vat he was the first in an experimental line of clones, a test. He was given his own mind, independant thought... Inviduality... Whilst most of Redack's cloens were simply mindless bodies waiting for Redack to inhabit them, this line of clones was capable of so much more. Of course the plan backfired, once the origional Redack ascended to become one with the Force these new clones were released by accident however only one of them so far had emerged... This indiviual clone took control of the Wayland Empire, claimed itself to be THE Redack and began plots that even the origional Redack may not have even considered using. Years passed by until eventually the origional Redack, now using his birth name: Jacen Valor, reclaimed the Wayland Empire and began setting out a new way of working... A far less evil way of working... This was much to the annoyance of the clone Redack, who now has to recalculate everything...

History (New): ~to be added as events happen~

New profile, hopefully i'll keep up with htis one and not lose it like I have done with all the others i ever did Razz
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Profile: Redack D'Zor
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