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 Profile: Jacen Valor

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PostSubject: Profile: Jacen Valor   Profile: Jacen Valor Icon_minitimeMon Feb 16, 2009 4:13 am

Name: Jacen Valor (Once known as: Redack D'Zor)

Master: Rouge Sith

Force Use: Dark Side

Allegiance: Himself

Rank: Sith Lord

Species + Gender: Clawdite, Male

Current Age: 25 years
Full Age: 120 Years

- The Force (Dark Side)

Personality: Devious, Traitorous and Manipulative. Though Jacen is willing to side with anyone he thinks will bring him closer to his goals, he has shown a tendency to betray everyone around him- despite his apparent 'redemption'.

History (Old): Born on an unknown world as Jacen Valor. At some point his parents mysteriously left Redack with his grandfather on the planet Wayland, here he grew up to despise the Jedi Order. A hatred his grandfather created through lies claiming the Jedi had killed his parents. Eventually his discovered this was a lie and after "ascending", to become one with the Force, he gradually discovered the truth about is parents... When he eventually returned to mortal life he encountered Dooku and Lancer, both of which managed to convince him to join the Light Side...

[[NOTE: Anything that happened on the original JS hasn't been listed here because I simply can't remember all of it and the bits I can remember I have no idea what order they went in... Plus I'm lazy]]

History (Current):
The Search For Power
After much meditation on the planet Nam Chorios he realised that the Light Side was going to be useful to him for his future plans, but he also decided that he was going to remain with the Dark Side. For the moment it could provide him with all the powers he needed. Then he was imprisoned by the authorities on Nam Chorios and visited by a Jedi- Zanic Scorchi. This Jedi allowed him to gain his freedom and then escape using one of the old towers used to send Coruscant insane... From there he arrived in Wayland Empire territory and made use of the fact that his clone was away on Corellia to take over the Wayland Empire. He quickly conquered a Sith held Coruscant, although it was clear the Sith hadn't tried to defend the world, and then called a meeting with the Jedi...
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Profile: Jacen Valor
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