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 Updated Profile (Small History Included)

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The Dark Scythe

The Dark Scythe

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PostSubject: Updated Profile (Small History Included)   Updated Profile (Small History Included) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 10:07 pm

Name: Jeth (Unknown last name)

Known as: The Dark Scythe

Rank: Banished Sith

Master: Name lost in time and destroyed from any records. (Not likely alive.)

Species: Cybernetic Human

Age: 102 lived earth years, 231 years in cryogenic sleep.

Gender: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 173 pounds

Home world: Born on no planet and never resided in one, he was born and raised till the age of seven on a refugee freighter ship.

Eyes: His eyes are solid black with red dot pupils.

Hair: Strait hair that falls just over his eyes consisting of mostly white strands with locks of silver and black.

Skin: Taught ash gray skin with dark silver veins visible from beneath and large patches of metallic fiber cybernetics visible all over at least half of his body, except for his face.

Distinguishing Marks: The cybernetic metallic patches all over his body and a large “x” scar that spreads over his back given to him by an unknown Jedi.

Appearance: His body is thin but toned mussel lies under his skin. His face is a bit boney and narrow with thin lips, yet he is handsome in its own manner. He wears all black clothing as any Sith would. He wears a pair black tightly woven cloth pants held up with a black leather belt, a black leather vest over a black skin tight long-sleeved shirt, thin black leather gloves that go past his wrists and hug his slender fingers . However, his entire appearance is fully clad under a heavy black cloth cloak with its hood up.

Personality: An extremely secluded human who speaks very little and only does when he finds it necessary to get his point across. He can be very personal and seems to allow anything to get on his nerves when conversing with someone as a way of justifying any radical moves he makes. He is quick minded and is not afraid to kill at even with the slightest bit of motive, which may have to do with how he was banished. Some may say he is a bit insane with his desire to kill and his ability to enter a situation of anger with glee.

Light saber: His blade has the classic red crystal of a Sith weapon, however that is all. His weapon is a black six and a half foot metal staff with half centimeter, randomly curved ridges for grip running up and down it. There is a small silver switch at the middle of the staff hidden in-between the grooves to activate his weapon. At the top edge of the staff is a small one foot gap that emits a thin red laser blade that curves out and down to a point about three feet out giving the appearance of a red laser scythe.

Gear: He carries everything he owns with him which is very little. He keeps with him an electronic location device, a fiber cloth to clean his staff, some credits, as small metal blade, a small black leather pouch, several vials of poison, and a few other knickknacks. He also tends to keep a trophy from each of his victims which are the reason for the small black leather pouch that is on his belt which contains several locks of hair.

Skills: Little is known about his skills as a Sith for during his “glory days” he worked primarily as an assassin, though the small amount of records that exist reveal that his movements are extremely swift and precise and that his fighting style is unique to himself in an indescribable way. No records show that he had any notable abilities with the force though that may just be from a lack of information. One additional and odd piece of recorded information is that he is an excellent cook which may have assisted in assassinations he preformed through the use of poison. A side note, his mind is blocked off in a manner comparable with a wall of solid steel and is rumored to be impenetrable.

Strengths: Trained in the arts of stealth in ways no other could match unless they were trained in the dark side as he was.

Weaknesses: New technologies would render him at somewhat of a disadvantage, as well as not being trained in the arts of fighting other than those of being an assassin.


Born on space freighter to a single mother he never had a home planet to live on. He was very easily taken away from his mother at the age of eight by a small time organization of mercenaries. With them he was trained as a soulless assassin who mindlessly killed whomever he was ordered to. He was successful until one day when he was 16 when he snapped and ridded the universe of the small guild of mercenaries by removing their heads with a solid blade scythe which he had been using in his assassinations. It just so happened that a Sith Knight was passing by and smelled the blood of the deeds of the 16 year old. As a result the Sith Knight claimed him as her apprentice and trained him as no Sith had previously been trained; with and original background as an assassin.

Years passed as he was trained and the day his apprenticeship was finished his master vanished from his world and was never heard from again, and honestly that was fine for the newly trained Sith assassin. The assassin was now 24 and served as an assassin for the Sith for 70 years before going slightly more insane and killing off anyone he met who showed signs of having control over the force, Jedi, and Sith alike. He happened across a fiber cybernetics scientist in his travel and was convinced that he would live a longer and stronger life if he turned over some of his body to the newly perfected science which he did very willingly. Some time later he was banished by the Sith but continued his slaughter until the day when the population of force users became depleted. He then placed himself in a cryogenic sleep chamber at the age of 102 for 231 years hoping that the concentration of force users would increase while he slept so he could have some more sport. He was right, and now he is back. However it is odd he has had a change of heart, so to speak, and wishes again to be an assassin for the Sith under a new Sith Lord he has heard rumors of.

Ship: “Obtained” it from (removed head of) a ship sales man on Tatooine in a small town, who had had been using it to safely transport goods to Corusant. What misuse of such a beautiful ship, with such quality and light but useful modifications. It came with a free co-polite droid too.

General Statistics
Model: VT-49 Decimator
Class: Assault Ship
Built by: Imperial Army
Built for: Out-fight anything it can outrun, and outrun anything it can't outfight
Length: 38 meters
Navigation system: Equipped
Blasters: 2 duel-laser cannon turrets, one on top and one on bottom of vessel
Missile Launchers: 3
Countermeasure Launchers: 2
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 2 gunners
Passengers: 6
Armor and Shield: Heavy with an unusually strong deflector shield for its size
Maneuverability: Very good with no large fins or wings found on other Imperial fighters

Updated Profile (Small History Included) Vt49
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Zanic Scorchi

Zanic Scorchi

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PostSubject: Re: Updated Profile (Small History Included)   Updated Profile (Small History Included) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 10:26 pm

Pretty darn good if i do say so myself.
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Updated Profile (Small History Included)
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