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Kensh Yowes

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PostSubject: Kensh Yowes   Kensh Yowes Icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2008 9:19 pm

Name: Kensh Yowes

Age: 28

Master: Tashto & Gom Kang

Rank: Jedi Master

Class: Jedi Guardian

Time at Jedi/Sith: Since Summer 2002

Time with Character: Since Fall 2004

Appearance: 6’ 5”, 230 lbs. Human Male. Kensh stands tall and muscular with a completely athletic body type that allows him to move quickly in battle. He shaved his face and chopped off parts of his old long black hair into more of a mullet shape. Covering most of his clothes is a thick trench coat that Yowes has worn ever since he began his training years ago. Under his clothes, Kensh wears a slightly baggy pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Around his neck sits a medallion which his father gave to him when he first came to Tatooine as a child. The belt around his waist holsters two silver plated light sabers that were hand crafted during his training.

Weapons: Kensh’s carries two silver hilted light sabers with him; one is blue and the other is green. In addition to these, he also owns a Cortosis bladed katana and a Crossbow blaster that he used in the Hunters Guild on Tatooine.

Ships: The Avenger- A custom crafted A-Wing star fighter that has seating for two.

The Midnight Run- A custom designed Infiltrator that formerly belonged to the Bounty Hunter Mr. Assassinator.

History: Kensh was born on the planet Telos as an only child. He lived in a small village where everyone knew each other and Kensh could grow up without the harsh realities of the real world around him. At age 6, he began to show abnormal talent as he wandered out with his father’s blaster one day and killed a Shyrack that attacked him by himself. Nobody in the village knew what to make of his talent because they lacked knowledge of the Force. At age 8, his mother died in during the birth of another child which also died in result. Kensh’s father packed up what they had and moved to Tatooine where he would become a hunter in the local Hunter’s Guild of Anchorhead. Kensh always came along on the trips because of his natural talent to hunt, but was not allowed to join the guild until he was 15. At age 16, Kensh and his father were out on a hunting trip to kill a Kryat Dragon and the trap failed to go off. Kensh’s father went to sacrifice himself for his son, but seeing his father mutilated sparked something in the young teenager. Kensh fired his crossbow in both of the eyes of the dragon and mounted the beast using his katana to slit its throat. Kensh would then become the lead hunter of the Guild despite only being 16 and now an orphan.

When Kensh was 21, he was approached by a mysterious man in a cloak when he was having a round at the bar. This man seemed to know a lot about Kensh, despite never being seen before. He explained to Yowes what the Force was and how he was connected to it. That was what gave Kensh his special ability to hunt so well. After hearing about this, he became interested in learning more about the Force from someone who could teach him. However, with very little money and no ship, getting off Tatooine was a problem. However, Kensh was approached by a Jedi Knight named Chris who gave him his modified A-Wing. Kensh packed his belongings and took the ship to Coruscant in order to seek out a suitable mentor for teaching him the Force.

Kensh started his learning with Jedi Master Tashto. The two traveled to Naboo where Kensh was taught the basics of the Force and had a good lesson in the uses of the lightsaber. Tashto was a good mentor, but other conflicts with his family came up, making finishing Kensh’s training impossible. Kensh flew back to Coruscant in search of a new master to teach him the Force. It was here, he ran into a Jedi Knight named Gom Kang who finished his training and knighted him. It was not long after this where Kensh made a name for himself.

In no more than 2 days, Kensh fought and killed 2 Sith and a Dark Sided Neutral. These people were Xero Fannan, Darth Silencer, and CountDooku. Both of these Sith had tried to take the Jedi Temple and Kensh drove them off, catching the eye of the Jedi Council. Dooku had his eyes on the Temple, only to be thwarted by Kensh prior to the attempt. This Council happened to be in a bit of a chaotic state at the time and Bo Darvelle had the idea to instate Yowes as the final person on the Council to replace Gurthok. Kensh was summoned to the Council Chambers where he was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master and placed on the Jedi governing board. At the time, this was the fastest any Jedi had gone from a Knight, to a Council member in the history of the Jedi at 4 days. But, it seemed like a breath of fresh air as K1ddy was becoming tiresome on the Council with his sit and wait approach. K1ddy would soon step down after Kensh was placed on the Council. The newly appointed Jedi Master would become some form of inspiration towards Jedi as he brought a more aggressive thinking to the Order.

At a point when Skor was first pronounced a Sith Lord, he took to his new role openly and wished to make a bigger name for himself. This was when Skor had chosen to attack the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. He hoped that he would catch the Jedi off guard because there were no Jedi Masters present at the time of the attack. While he caused some damaged and killed a few Jedi, he was thwarted by Kensh’s effort to defend the Temple. The two of them met in battle, only to have the newly appointed member of the Council drive off this strong Sith Lord, saving the Temple from serious damage from another Sith attack. Yowes then aided in an effort to repair the Temple and helped clean up the bodies that laid in wake of the attack.

Not long after Kensh had become part of the Council, he was shocked at how inactive the board was in Jedi affairs. Nothing was getting done and the Jedi were all in hiding in wake of the attack of Taris by the New Empire. Kensh came forth for the Jedi Council initiating a vote to reorganize the members of the Council. This would in turn create the strongest Council to ever be established since the time of Rhia, Odin, and K1ddy. The members of the new Council would be Ket Jia, Thaed, Mythik Valos, Aquarius Syndrull and Kensh himself. This marked the beginning of Kensh’s more open way of dealing with things.

Of course to the Sith, they thought Kensh was stupid for reforming the Council. This provoked an attack on the Jedi Temple of Coruscant in order to show the weakness of the new Council. However, the Sith that were attacking were driven off by Kensh, Helius, Ket, and Thaed. There was no doubt that the Jedi were strong at this point and more Jedi started coming out, feeling safe with their new leaders headed by Kensh’s unpredictable behavior.

Thaed, Ket and Helius all resigned from the Council to become monks and it was up to Kensh to find suitable replacements for three Council members. This was no easy task and he would need to promote from the Knight ranks in order to find replacements. With a lot of research, he found that Desann Montross, Cin Talix, and Kaso Anoki were ready for the positions on the Council. But again, there were challenges to this new Council as Redack and his Wayland Empire began attacking the Jedi Order in many different places including Dantooine, Coruscant, and Yavin IV.

Kensh was getting fed up with these attacks and took it upon himself to hunt down and kill Redack. He would stealthy infiltrate the planet Wayland, avoiding all of Redack’s troops and finding his way into the Palace compound. It was here, he waited for the prince of the Wayland Empire to return and the two fought. Redack didn’t stand a chance as Kensh walked all over him, ending the battle by collapsing a building on top of him. This would free the people of Wayland from Redack’s control allowing them to be free from the harsh taxing that had been imposed on them.

Malas had been Dark Lord for a while, hunting down splinter factions of the Sith. However, he soon turned his attention towards the Jedi by calling for an Ar’Krai on the Jedi Order, ordering them to be wiped out. Malas’s first target was none other than the Jedi ringleader Kensh. The two fought in the Council Chambers of Coruscant when Malas had surprised Kensh one afternoon. The two had a harsh battle, exhausting both parties. Walls were destroyed as were floors and both were worn down to a point where the battle had ended in a draw, Malas stumbled out of the Temple and Kensh passed out, only to end up in a bacta tank the next morning.

In brutalization for the attempted slaughtering of Kensh, the Order formed a strike team consisting of Bandit, Zuckuss, Quige, and Kensh to attack the Sith Temple on Korriban. These Jedi fought the few Sith Knights that dared to stand in the way of the Jedi, killing them where they stood. The team then planted explosives around the temple and destroyed it, leaving the Sith in chaos to rebuild their ancient temple. All the while, Kensh wanted to finish his fight with Malas.

Later feeling the urge to finish the battle, Kensh found his way to his ship and blasted off towards Malas’s Asylum where he was holding Jedi Councilor Desann Montross. However, Kensh had failed in ever reaching the asylum as his ships engines failed in hyperspace and his ship was left drifting in open space. It would be some months before Kensh turned up again in the Jedi Order.

Kensh returned to the Order, seeing it in complete disarray from its new leaders. The order was inactive and failing. This killed Kensh to see, but he would instead just leave the Order and return to his old life on Tatooine to leave the Jedi to their work. On Tatooine, Yowes was welcomed back into the Hunter’s Guild of Anchorhead where he was thrown in the mud right away. A group of hunters had gone missing and it was up to Kensh to bring them back. All of the hunters ended up dying as a Kryat Dragon had attacked their camp and killed them. The former Jedi Master then slaughtered the dragon to keep it from reaching the walls of Anchorhead, receiving a hefty payoff for his duties.

After becoming bored with his life as a hunter, Kensh decided to stir things up within the Jedi. He heard that the Black Hand Empire was off attacking Jedi Temples and other Jedi Knights. So Kensh got himself reinstated into the Order. However, in a shocking move, Kensh would declare war on the BHE, forcing all Jedi to come out and fight the threat. From this, more Jedi were killed and Kensh realized the mistake he made. So he fled back to Tatooine to wait for things to cool down.

Hiding behind a force mask, Kensh returned months later to find that the Jedi had come to a point of utter collapse. The Jedi Council was doing absolutely nothing to help the Jedi and the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had been taken by former Dark Lord Malas. A group of Jedi Knights had gone to try and take the temple back, but none of them were from the Council. This angered Kensh and led him to believe that one of the members of the Council had to be influenced by the Dark Side. This was when Kensh called out the Council, threatening to overthrow them if they did not step down. For this, Kensh saw 3 new Council members established and the dark root removed from power.

With the Council repaired, Kensh went off to meet with the Council to approve his idea for a Jedi Academy to improve the Jedi ranks. Once it would be approved, Kensh would head over to Telos to begin the training of Jedi Padawans for the first time in his long Jedi career. His hope was that the next great leaders of the Jedi could come out of this temple and he would help the Order if they needed him to. Yet with little help from the Council and few Padawans to train, the Academy flopped and Kensh fled into exile ashamed of his failure. During his exile, Kensh had found a mirror hidden in the dunes of Tatooine. Known as the Mirror of the Force, this ancient artifact was inhabited by an ancient Sith Lord named Darth Necrosis. The mirror would take any Jedi and give them a reflection of them dark and evil. The purpose of this was to destroy their minds and convert them from Jedi to Sith, or allow the Sith Lord to destroy their mind and take over the body to roam the Earth once more. With no way to break from the mirror's hold, Kensh began lashing out unexpectedly laying waste to the Telos Academy. It was then that Kensh would need to destroy the mirror. He projected himself into the mirror and faced the spirit of the Sith Lord, killing him and shattering the mirror, yet leaving himself drained for many days.

Kensh returned to Coruscant to find out that the Jedi Masters were to be striped of their ranks and be demoted to Jedi Knights by the Council. Joining the many outraged Masters, Kensh decreed that the Council return the ranks to the Jedi, or face a split among the ranks. That, among other threats led to a new Council and Master vote. With the vote looming, Kensh began training again to better himself, and began to get close to Sora Onasi, whom he believed could be the next great Jedi leader. Kensh come out of the new vote as a member of the Council once more.

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Hello, Kensh! Good to see you made it to the backup site. Very Happy Hope you stick around!
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Kensh Yowes
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