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Birth name: Zyrin Ranus

Alias: Darth Kaidon

Race: Human

Age: 20

Master: Darth Validus, Darth Lyllith

Rank: Knight

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Standing at the height of 6' 1", the young man is often seen in black baggy clothing for maneuverability. Long black hair falls from the top of his head, and off to the sides of his face as to not obstruct the path of his brown eyes. A slim, but well defined, body frame hides beneath his dark clothing. Concealing most of his body is a large black robe that trails behind him just a bit.

Weapons: Zyrin wields a deadly crimson red lightsaber. The hilt of this powerful weapon is simple, resembling a 10 inch long pipe with one end open and the other closed with a grip covering the hilt.


Evil Lies Everywhere

Zyrin was once a happy child who lived on Naboo with his parents and older brother, Terand. His father was trained in the ways of the force, but belonged to no order. He was a neutral that was tired of the fighting life he had lived. Zyrin's life took a drastic change when he was eight years old. While the young boy was out playing in the nearby woods, a small group of thugs entered his home and killed his parents, and supposedly his brother, without notice. The reason for this was unknown. It may have been a vendetta, robbery, or a random act of violence. No one really knows. It wasn't long after that a man clad in black showed up and took Zyrin away for reasons unknown. During the trip through space, Zyrin overheard a conversation the man was having with another over a radio. The main thing that stood out in the conversation was when the man said he had a strong force sensitive child and that was when the other man said to bring him. This conversation put Zyrin in the Sith Academy on Korriban.

The Orphan Becomes an Apprentice

During his time at the Sith Academy, Zyrin was having a strange feeling he rarely had. For some reason it seemed stronger here than it did while he was at home. Little did Zyrin know, this strange feeling was the force reaching out to him. It wasn't long after being left at the Sith Academy on Korriban that Zyrin stumbled upon what appeared to be three Sith Knights having a discussion near the main entrance doors. Zyrin remained within the shadows as he watched the three. There was another boy nearby at the same time who had entered from the desert. The three Sith Knights soon separated, the boy leaving to become an apprentice of one. It was then that Zyrin was approached by Darth Validus. Validus asked the boy a question and quickly induced an image into the boy's mind for a couple of moments. Darth Validus demanded an answer to his question, a question that would change Zyrin's life forever. "You wish power? Note, for which power I do not ask." "Yes, I wish for power."

And the Training Begins

Validus had dropped the boy off at a temple on the planet Ziost to start his training. For five years, Zyrin spent his time training his mind and body for for the trials of becoming a Sith. The boy was to learn the Sithese language and torture training as well as to undergo extreme physical training to build his body and endurance. The boy also learned different styles of combat including hand to hand, single and duel blades, staff combat, as well as blaster marksmanship. For five years, this was the life the young boy lived. Meditation time was the only time throughout the day that Zyrin was able to rest. At the end of the five year training, Zyrin was sent out into the woods to fend for himself, as a final test of his learnings. The boy spent five months alone with only a knife and a blaster to aid him. It was at the end of the five months that Validus had come back to take his apprentice and begin the more advanced training.

Learning the Ways Of the Force

Darth Validus had returned Zyrin to Korriban to train the boy in the ways of the force. Validus succeeded in teaching Zyrin the powers of Force Sense and Force Move. The young apprentice had failed to show the arrogance that Validus thought all Sith should have and decided to punish the boy. Validus reached into the boy's mind and made him relive his life as though his parents were never killed. Here Zyrin saw his mother, father, brother, and himself living peacefully. For a while the Master had his apprentice succumbing to these images. Zyrin thought the years he spent training were only a dream, but then realized it was a trick made by his Master. Zyrin recognized the effect from the first time he had met Validus. The apprentice overcame the images upon realizing what they were, fakes, and continued on with his training.

The Loss of One Master, the Gain of Another

Validus had Left Zyrin at a Sith Temple upon the planet Korriban to continue his training by meditation. For months, the young apprentice kept up with his physical training and meditation upon the desert planet. During this time, Zyrin learned to use the two force powers taught to him by his master with ease. Luckily for the young boy a Sith Knight by the name of Darth Lyllith stopped by the temple to help corrupt a new apprentice, Mariele Solalir, by introdicing her to the darkside power within the planet. This girl had attachments to the lightside and this was going to change. The two exchanged a few words and Lyllith became Zyrin's new Master. After the young boy was accepted by a new master, another Sith Hopeful walked into the temple and demanded to be trained. Oddly enough, Lyllith accepted the boy Kylac. Zyrin joined his new Mistress aboard her ship and headed for Tatooine where his training with her would start.

Continuation of Force Training

Lyllith had decided to train her three apprentices in the desert of Tatooine. Though the training of the other two would wait, Lyllith had decided to start Zyrin's training. Before the two could start, a Kiffar had tried sneaking up behind the Sith Kinght. At first he was looking for a fight, but then looked for training. Despite his actions, Darth Lyllith had spun around and trapped Quin, the Kiffar, in a Force Choke and lifted the man off the ground. After nearly killing Quin, Lyllith accepted the man as her apprentice. It was after this that an Ikotochi by the name of Nylost Trask revealed himself and also asked for training. It was appearant that Lyllith was becomeing quite popular in making apprentices appear out of the area. Quin, Nylost, and Zyrin would be among the first to train under Darth Lyllith, but one would fall. As the training started, tensions grew from Nylost. Performing the move of Force pull, Quin had taken a small object, a marble, from Nylost which in turn sparked a fight between the two. Nylost was ready for a fight and only needed a reason, and this was it. He was prepared to limit Lyllith's apprentices for some reason. Sensing this, Lyllith killed Nylost with a blast of Force Destruction.

The Boy Grows Into A Knight

Six years had passed upon the desert planet and Zyrin continued his training. All together he had learned the Force moves: sense, move, grip, speed, jump, lightning, blind, and destruction. The boy grew into a man of the darkside. Fueled by its dark power, Zyrin wanted more training that his Mistress couldn't give. With his training completed, Lyllith knighted the young man and dubbed him Darth Kaidon.
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PostSubject: Re: Darth Kaidon   Darth Kaidon Icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2008 5:09 pm

Tatooine, huh?
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