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PostSubject: Jerex Ak'Chazar   Jerex Ak'Chazar Icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2008 5:07 pm

Name: Jerex Ak'Chazar

Race: Advanced Clone

Age: Unknown but appears to be early 20's

Master: Palin

Rank: Apprentice

Alignment: Dark Side

Weapons: Whatever he can get ahold of.


Hair: Brown

Eyes: Purple

Height: 6" 2'

Build: A well defined muscle tone with a lean build. Due to being a genetic experiment, his muscle fibers are five times stronger and faster than that of a normal humanoid being along with enhanced senses and a slight increased healing factor as well.

Clothing: Often black garments with either purple or red trimmings.


Created within a test tube, the clone was one of two successful creations that survived the combining of several DNA samples of warriors from various species. The reason for the research remains a mystery, but some of the scientists held rumor that it was for a super soldier that wold do whatever it was told. This rumor was the most believed since the clone subjects were to have traits that surpassed those of normal humanoids. Upon the birth of the first clone, it went crazy from the hyper growth acceleration process used in the aging of the clones and was shot to death immediately after killing a scientist. This aging process had allowed for the clones to be ready for use faster than the usual growth acceleration used that took years for full grown adults. Because the bodies grew so quickly, the mind couldn't handle the process and often had terrible side effects such as a psychotic mind set or and immature mind like that of a child. The second was the case of the second clone that was released from his tank. The over aged child was frightened and unaware of what was about to become of him. Palin was within the same building at the time and took notice of the clone after he unintentionally sent a cry for help out through the Force. On her command, the scientists handed the clone over to Palin, who took the clone as her son and named him Jerex Ak'Chazar.
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Jerex Ak'Chazar
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