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PostSubject: Terand Ranus   Terand Ranus Icon_minitimeSat Nov 08, 2008 5:07 pm

Birth name: Terand Ranus

Race: Human

Age: 25

Masters: Jedi Master Desra Lodet, Jedi Knight Alona Gajadhar

Rank: Jedi Knight

Alignment: Light Side


Height: 6' 2"

Hair: Short brown

Eye: Blue

Facial Features: Traveling from side burn to side burn is a small beard that covers both his cheeks, the bottom of his jaw, and goes over his upper lip.

Build: Lean/toned


Casual: Covering his legs are a pair of brown pants that fit somewhat loose, but not too loose on him. Around his waist is a black belt which contains multiple pouches from one end all the way to the other. Covering his torso is a white form fitting t-shirt with a black vest over that. Terand often wears a brown leather-like jacket as well. Upon his hands are black fingerless gloves and on his feet are black boots.

Jedi Adventure Robes: His Jedi Adventure robes are usually selected by color to help allow Terand to blend in with his environment.


Lightsabers: His most commonly used lightsabers are formed in the shape of a katana hilt, allowing for an easily firm grip. To activate the sabers, an internal switch must be flipped with the force. The two hilts can connect to form a saber staff. An orange beam with a red glow gives the blades the appearance of a fire in the form of a lightsaber blade. The crystals within the hilts have been tuned to Terand's force signiture so that he alone can activate the weapons. These lightsabers were also made to operate underwater if needed. When in casual attire, these lightsabers are usually kept in the inside pockets of his jacket. When wearing his Jedi Adventure robes, these lightsabers are placed into a snug pouch on his weapon belt to keep them from bouncing around.

His backup lightsaber is a dual phased gold lightsaber with a gold electrum hilt. This lightsaber was given to Terand by Desra Lodet before one of her many deaths. This lightsaber is always hidden in one of the larger pouches on his weapon belt.

Blasters: Attached to his weapon belt at the hips and tied down to his thighs are two custom made blasters. These blasters are made with an electrum frame. A cortosis curved blade with the edge traveling from the tip of the barrel to the corner of the handle allows Terand to used the blasters in close combat.

Located within his phrik vambraces are ejectable cortosis blades for a close combat surprise.


Electromesh armor worn under his Jedi Adventure robes allow protection against blaster fire without sacrificing mobility.

Located on his arms are a pair of phrik vambraces for unarmed combat against lightsabers with a matching pair of shin guards on his legs.

Inside a pouch on the knuckles of his brown gloves is 8 ounces of small pellets to increase the effect of his punches. From the knuckles to the joint of the fingers is a metal plate placed within the leather for even more hitting power.

Within the tip of his brown leather boots is a piece of metal for strong kicking power.

A special made mask my by himself allows Terand to venture into a normally unbreathable environment including under water and a poisonous gas filled area for up to two hours. The visor attached can switch from a normal view to infrared and even a type of sonar vision. When the sonar vision is activated, a small device in the mask sends out a high frequency sound, well above the hearing ranging of humans, to map out the surrounding area.

Within the pouches lining his weapon belt is a various ensemble of items to help aid in his mission.

~Short History~

At the age of thirteen, Terand was orphaned on his home world of Naboo. His parents and supposedly his brother were killed at home during a burglary while Terand was out running errands. His uncle then came and took him to Tatooine where he stayed for a few years working in a junk shop. He had then left at the age of 16 to join with a new friend to fly around the galaxy and help others in need as mercenaries.
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Terand Ranus
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