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Birth name: Tersa Altor

Race: Twi'lek

Age: 20

Master: Jedi Master Ridifu Omego

Rank: Jedi Knight

Alignment: Light Side


General appearance: The young slender Twi'lek stands at a height of 5'8" with a skin pigmentation of a light greenish blue. Two long lekku protrud from her head and reach down near her waist. Her eyes are like a humans with a white sclera but more importantly, her eyes are a goldish brown color.

Jedi Appearance: Her Jedi appearance is somewhat simple. She wears a light purple pair of slightly baggy pants with a matching tunic. Her tunic is tucked up under a utility belt which helps hold up her pants. Upon her feet are black boots that come up to her mid calf. These boots fit perfectly around the feet and are somewhat loose around her leg.

Casual Appearance: Her casual attire is simple. She wears a pair of skin tight hip hugging pants, a skin tight short sleeved shirt that exposes her lower abdomen, a light jacket, and a pair of knee high boots. All of which is black except for the jacket which is blue denim. Inside her jacket is where Tersa carries her lightsaber.

Weapons: One single hilt lightsaber with a green blade

~Short History~

Tersa, along with her twin sister Amyde, was born into a life of slavery. Most of her life was spent in misery as she worked as a servant. Once she had reached the age of 15, Tersa and her sister was sold to a cantina owner where they danced for customers on stage and sometimes in private at request. Tiring of being a slave and yearning to be free, Tersa and Amyde saw their chance at freedom and took it. The two managed to run from their owner and stowaway on a ship that was bound for Naboo. Once the two snuck off the ship, they encountered Jedi Master Ridifu Omego and thus started their life as Jedi.
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Tersa Altor
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