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 Salkar Kirnketh

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PostSubject: Salkar Kirnketh   Salkar Kirnketh Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 11:09 pm

Name: Salkar Kirnketh

Species: Mandalorian

Planet of Origin: Dxun

Planet currently residing in: Coruscant

Age: 39

Appearance: 6"0, slim with a muscular build. Short black hair, spiked. Black eye colour. Has a scar running from just above his eyebrow, across his left eye, to his lip. Is occasionally seen wearing traditional noble garb in the colour black trimmed with red. In times of remembrance wears his heavily altered Mandalorian Battle Armor, in black. With his trusty Blaster in its custom hip holster carved out of Krayt Dragon scales, all gained in his time of service with the Mandalorians.

Alignment: Dark Side

A Mandalorian war hero, spent 20 years of his life on the battlefield. He was given Elite status and claimed himself to be the next Mandalore of the clan Kirnketh. When Mandalore heard of his claims he offered up the challenge to Salkar to claim the title himself. When Salkar recieved the offer, he felt that the current Mandalore was becoming weak and jumped at the offer. Their duel was a fight to the death with War Swords that some Mandalorians had picked up off of the corpses of some Sith soldiers. The battle lasted 3 long days of intense fighting through the jungle on Dxun. It finally ended with the death of Mandalore, after Mandalore pinned Salkar down and took the blade to his face, Salkar thrusted his sword into Mandalore's back. When Salkar defeated Mandalore he proceeded to take Mandalore's armor and helmet. After a few years of being Mandalore, Salkar decided to leave the Mandalorians and passed on his title of Mandalore to one of his strongest soldiers. Salkar then left Dxun and traveled the galaxy, going from the outer regions to the core systems until he landed on Coruscant. He then decided to stay on Coruscant when he was offered to be the body guard of one of the senators. While guarding the senator they traveled to the Jedi Training Academy where Salkar was mistaken for a Padawan when a Jedi Knight asked him why he wasn't wearing his jedi robes. Salkar was put off by this accusation of being a Padawan and concluded that he was in fact force sensitive but he knew that it would be hard to find a Jedi Master to teach him so he sought out the Sith but was unsuccessful and is awaiting his chance to join the Sith.
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Salkar Kirnketh
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