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 Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner

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Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner

Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner

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PostSubject: Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner   Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 11:44 am

Name: Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Half Mandalorian, Half Echani

Planet of Birth: Bespin

Planet you Live on: Kohlma ((The moon where the vile cult the Bando Gora used to live))

Appearance: Short silver hair that was slicked back, steel gray colored eyes & pasty white skin like that of the Sith. He wears a gray jedi robe & underneath his cloak is medium weight black Mandalorian Battle Armor & with two Echani battle pistols strapped to his legs, black, Echani gloves & Echani boots. He has to gold lightsaber hilts that have silver blades.

Rank: Gray Jedi

Force Powers: Force Heal, Force Deflect, Force Choke, Force Lightning, Force Speed, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Repulse, Force Jump, Force Persuasion, Force Grab, Lightsaber Throw, Force Storm, Stasis Field, Life Drain & Force Insanity.

History: Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner is a Half Mandalorian, Half Echani that was born in the Cloud City of Bespin. All his life, he dreamed of being Jedi but had no idea he had the potential to become one. One day, he used Force Heal on himself when he was badly injured. He was amazed by this & practiced his powers in secrecy. He learned the Jedi Code & the Sith code & used both of their disciplines at once, unconsciously becoming a Gray Jedi. He managed to find materials to construct two lightsabers & concentrated. After hours of making the blades perfect, he finally managed to create his lightsabers. They were both golden handles with pure silver blades. When he was old enough, he purchased his own starship & left to explore the world. He came upon the moon Kohlma, the dark moon where the vile cult the Bando Gora used to reside & made it his home since he the dark die aura would keep most trespassers away & he could resist the temptation of the darkside.
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Zaalbraxx Shadowrunner
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