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Zhane Val Redd

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Name: Zhane Val Redd

Age; 20

Race; Human

Sex; Male

Alignment: Dark Neutral


Height: 5í5

Weight: 173 Pounds

Hair: Short dark brown hair

Skin Color: Tanned

Eye color: Blue

Apparel: Zhane wears a pair of black loose-fitting pants tapered off into black leather hiking boots. He wears a red sash around his waist that hangs off freely from his left side. On his torso he wears a loose-fitting tan tunic. Over these things he wears a hooded black cloak.

Body Build: Slender Cut

-Personal Information-

Home Planet: Tatooine

History: Zhane was the only child to his moisture farming parents. His father, whom he was named after, was a former Jedi Padawan who was banished from the order due to his violent nature. After his falling-out from the Jedi Order, Zhane Sr., a skilled slicer, became involved in crime for a while until he met his future wife, Rebecca Taílik, and settled down to raise a family.

Following the birth of their son, the family lived happily for nine years until Zhane Sr.ís criminal past caught up with him. Some old friends wanted the slicer to help them rig a casino to funnel credits to their bank accounts. When he refused to help them, saying he had a family to look after now and didnít want to get involved, they angrily left. A few days later the men returned, only this time they came armed with blasters. Zhane Sr. met them with his old lightsaber in hand, but an unskilled formed JedI is no match for a group of blaster-wielding killers, and he died in front of his family, his body mutilated and disfigured from the blaster fire. Zhane, having never seen his father use the lightsaber before or violence of such a nature, was horribly scarred by this event. He took his fatherís lightsaber and kept it as a memento of his father.

Following the death of his father, Zhane sought out employment so as to help his grieving mother and himself survive. From the young age of nine, Zhane worked as a moisture farmer. At the age of fourteen, the family moved into the city of Mos Eisley and Zhane took a job at the local junkyard. He spent his days tinkering with broken droids and dealing with scum looking for a deal. Shortly after moving to the city, however, Rebecca fell down with illness. All of the earnings Zhane made were spent on her medical bills, and Zhane turned to crime to make extra money. Like his father before him, Zhane turned out to be a skilled slicer, and work was easy.

By the age of seventeen, Zhane had a hard-earned reputation as a criminal. After the passing of his mother just months after his seventeenth birthday, Zhane devoted his full-time and attention to his life of crime. Working for a Hutt, Zhaneís criminal skills blossomed, and he became a mercenary. Unfortunately, Zhaneís new line of work brought with it more enemies and danger, and after a near-death during one job, Zhane swore off his life of crime.

Zhane now drifts from place to place in the galaxy, not having a home of his own or an objective.

Weaponry: Fatherís Blue Lightsaber
DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol
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Zhane Val Redd
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