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 Zidane Hextar

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PostSubject: Zidane Hextar   Zidane Hextar Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 12:22 pm

Birth name: Zidane Hextar

Race: Arkanian

Age: 30

Master: na

Rank: na

Alignment: darkside

Appearance: 6' tall, white hair, white eyes, and tan skin. He often wears a lab coat.

In an attempt to make a new life for himself and his family, Zidane moved to Coruscant. There with his wife, son, daughter, and sister in-law, Zidane worked in a private lab. With his sister in-law, Kandra, working as his assistant, Zidane dabbled in various fields in order to expand his knowledge. One night while Zidane and Kandra was working late on a project, reports came in about a gas leak which caused a city block to explode. This turned out to be the block where Zidane had lived. With his family dead in the explosion, Zidane was determined to find out how it happened. His investigation lead him to reports about a Jedi chasing a darksider. The Jedi had demolished the city block in an attempt to kill the darksider but failed. This discovery lead Zidane down a tortured path. He blamed the whole Jedi Order for the death of his family and resented them and anyone else who would side with the Jedi.

Terand Ranus - Force Neutral
Kenzer Tyrcen - Jedi Padawan
Jerex Ak'Chazar - Sith Apprentice
Kraisen - Neutral

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Zidane Hextar
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