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PostSubject: Apollo   Apollo Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 2:04 pm

Name: Apollo

Race: Chiss

Apperance: Apollo was a tall slender man standing at about 6ft. The young apperance of his blue
lit skin stood out from his dark brown his eyes that looked through his long brown hair. He was
usually found wearing an old grey long sleeved shirt tucked into some black pants. On his feet
would always be found angle high boots that let his black trousers fold over the top. Hanging from
Apollo's right side in a light brown pistol holster would always be a old battered Blaster pistol with
two ammo clips sitting around the back of his waist. On Apollo's left side was an old
Cortosis blade he had since he was a child.

Background: Apollo was born in the city Csaplar upon a the ice planet of Csillia.
Apollo's mum died in child birth and his Dad abononed him soon after leaving him
to defend himself within the city. He was soon adopted and taken in by Sulfran, an officer
within in the Wayland Empire. He Brought Apollo up as if he was within in the armys of the Wayland
Empire constant battle training and strict rules.

Apollo got use to the life style soon joining as an officer in his father's ranks of the millitary.
He spent years working up through the ranks and helping his father working up his command, he was soon
promoted to juniour officer within the ranks making his way up till he was a commander of his star
destroyer. Spening the years serving his father until he died of an a blaster pistol discharge in
a routine battle simulation.

Apollo was soon given his own command and was known as a ruthless commander that always followed out commands, even
when they where a suicide misson. His loyalitys layed not with the empire though but with Galven Lund
Who was his commanding officer for many years and was elected as Emperor of the Wayland. So when the betrayal happened, Apollo found himself
turning against Jacen Valor and starting a new empire with Galven Lund.
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