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PostSubject: Azzo   Azzo Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 1:37 pm

Name: Azzo

Race: Human

Age: 29

Appearance: 5' 10", short black hair, brown eyes, and a slim build. Clothing varies.

Personality: Schizophrenic and multiple personality disorder. A change in surroundings or situation can cause a specific personality to emerge while a blow to the head can bring forth a random personality. Azzo has lived with these personalities for so long that his true personality has been lost among the ones that reside within his mind.

Force Sensitive: Possibly

Master: na

History: At a young age, Azzo was like most kids and played with imaginary friends. As he grew older, he never he never stopped interacting with his imaginary friends. This caused Azzo to become distant from the other kids as time progressed. Worried about his antisocial behavior during his teen years, his parents sent him to a specialist. Azzo was diagnosed with schizophrenia and sent to an asylum for professional help. The doctors thought he was making progress after the years of help when it seemed Azzo was conversing with his "friends" less and less when in actuality his condition worsened. The doctors failed to noticed that Azzo had taken on the role of his "friends" rather than out growing them. Before the doctors could spot this change, Azzo had taken on the personality of one of his secret agent "friends" and managed to escape. Ever since then, Azzo has been traveling around the galaxy.

Terand Ranus - Force Neutral
Kenzer Tyrcen - Jedi Padawan
Jerex Ak'Chazar - Sith Apprentice
Kraisen - Neutral

Azzo W7lle1
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