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 Daughter of the Suns

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PostSubject: Daughter of the Suns   Daughter of the Suns Icon_minitimeSat Feb 21, 2009 6:29 pm

Summary: What was Dawn's past??? A bit of insight for you who wondered why she's called Skywalker. NO FLAMING!!!!!

Daughter of the Suns

The boy and girl sat against the wall of rock. They'd managed to find this cave, but would not live long if they stayed.

The two were identical. Same bleached-blonde hair. Same brilliant blue eyes. Same small, compact body structure.

Tears flowed down their faces. The five year olds were together, but scared. Slowly, the girl turned her head to the boy. The other mimicked her.

Both knew the same memory was playing through the other's head.


The girl watched the others kick the rock around in a circle. As the rock hit the ground in front of a boy with bright yellow hair and sky colored eyes, he ran. The girl followed him. Nodding, the male acknowledged her presence, and the two mirrored each other's movements.

Later, when the game was done and the others had left into the night, the boy walked up to the girl.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi." the girl repeated.

"Why are you here all alone?" asked the male child.

"You're alone here too," the girl countered, though she shrugged.

"Well, what's your name? I'm Luke," he added. "Luke Skywalker."

The girl's eyes widened. "I'm Dawn... Skywalker."

The boy's, Luke's, eyes widened in response.

"Can you be my sister? Even if we aren't related, I'd like that."

"Me too," the girl whispered.

Son and Daughter of the Son of the Suns parted ways for a while there.


Dawn almost ran into Luke.

"Luke! Brother, why are you here?" she gasped.

Luke only response was a sob. Dawn understood instantly.

"You had it too?"

Luke nodded. "You too? Same one?"

Dawn nodded. "Yes. The man was there again. With the woman. She wasn't moving. He was crying."

"Yes," Luke said, tear stains in the sand leaving a wet mark as he stood and leaned into her.

"I wish we could help him," the girl murmured. They both knew the man was out there, and sad. Most of the time he was angry. But now he was sad. Dawn's eye's wet.

"I know," said the boy. With that they both let go and wailed aloud, sobbing into the hot desert.


Obi-Wan Kenobi knew they were there. He watched as the two emerged from the cave and made their shaky way back to the Lar's farm.

Son and Daughter of the Sun.

Dawn was a girl, yes. But she was Luke's double. In every way they were the same. Leia may have been a daughter of the Moon, but her twin sister wasn't. Not Dawn.

Son and Daughter of the Son of the Suns.


Fourteen years later, as a battered ship lifted out of the Tatooine hanger, a boy screamed as a girl was hit over the head by a piece of metal.

In the Alderaan system, a black-clad warrior passed out.

In her holding cell a princess choked out a sob.

On Naboo a dark-haired male felt as if part of him died.

Two Jedi Masters across the universe shook their heads.


Dawn Skywalker slowly opened her eyes, glancing around. She was in a broken down medical center...

"Just where am I?"

As soon as the words left her lips, a flood of questions followed. What am I? How'd I get here? Who's I? WHO AM I?

As the girl turned, a piece of memory floated to her.

A blast of pain on her head. A male voice screaming.



AN: This was a one shot explaining how Dawn ended up where she is today. An edited version of my first imagination's version. Reviews? For a cookie? Suggestions? No Flaming?
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Daughter of the Suns
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