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 Planet Guardians: True Chapter 1

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PostSubject: Planet Guardians: True Chapter 1   Planet Guardians: True Chapter 1 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 4:46 am

Chapter Title: ( Pending )

Dawn sighed as she lowered the bench, feeling strength drain from her arms. That was tough, but there were still bolts aiming for her. Whirling, Dawn jumped over one to have it collide with another. She then turned to her companion, Zanic Scorchi. He was holding his own. Dawn turned back to the problem at hand.

And how, Dawn? How how how did a mere child from earth become part of something like this? Have some rest...

Dawn clenched her teeth and looked for the source. There. A medium sized robot was firing lasers at Zanic. Racing forwards, Dawn slammed a fist at it's mid-section. It toppled down.

Well... I don't know. Dawn sent back... as the feeling jumped to a functional robot. Seems she'd have to get them all. Ah well. Good to make a fresh start.

She ran full-out towards the next one and kicked it's head off.

"This may take awhile..."
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Planet Guardians: True Chapter 1
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