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 Aleia Dreycon

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Saphira Striker

Saphira Striker

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PostSubject: Aleia Dreycon   Aleia Dreycon Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 5:16 pm

Name: Aleia Dreycon
Age: 16
Race: Human
Master: N/A for now

Skill: Pilot, theif, merc..

Appearance & Personality:

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 145 pds

Emerald eyes, long dark brown hair. She wears plain black knee high boots. The right boot fits a small pistol holder (ladies size). Black pants with silver trim on the sides.Black utility belt. A few pouches on them to carry a few things other then weapons. She wears a skin tight black and silver top, compleated with matching vest.

Distinguishing Marks: On her left arm. Upper near the elbow is a long scar about half cm wide and six inches long. As well as a small tatoo (tribal) on her lower back.

Handiness: Ambidex

Weapons: small hand blaster. Throwing knives in her boots and a vibro blade on her other hip. Also a few small poision darts in her belt.


Serious, intelligent, dutiful, punctual, and responsible. You may notice that nowhere in that list of virtues is ‘fun-loving’, ‘sympathetic’, or ‘easy-going’ mentioned. She is not comfortable with overt demonstrations of emotions, pleasant or otherwise, and tends to flounder in situations where emotional distress is involved. Aleia is very practical-minded, always trying to solve or fix a situation. If she has a saving grace, it is that she is harder on herself than on anyone else, and continuously pushes herself to achieve and excel at all of her endeavors. Thus, disciplining or rebuking her doesn't bring about any rebellion or self-pity, but rather an iron-clad determination to try again and make sure she suceeds this time.

Aleia Dreycon. Personal Journal clips. 1.2

I use to remember what happiness was like. I mean REAL happiness. Not the kind that comes from money, or a moments bliss. The rush of a warm household and laughter, of the sun hitting ones face and endless days of play.The thoughts, were all I had. Almost blank as the setting suns of tattooine. I remember it as if it were yesterday when they came...

The young girl, about five years old twisted a piece of cloth in her hands. Her mother Caposatia, was a brillient seamstress in their small part of town. She never knew her father, told he was killed in a pirate raid while transpotring local goods. Quit often she would one sent for a commision for the Queens royal wardrobe. Brilliant and colorfull patterns for any occasion. The young girl loved it, watching her mother weave and sew the fine clothing. One of the best in the land, but also it came with a price. Aleia, didn't know it then why one day someone would have wanted to harm her mother.

Caposatia, was working on a new dress for the queen when it happened. A brilliant shade of green, the darkest color of an emerald with silver and gold trim. Aleia, took up her normal perch on a stool nearby to watch when the door was slammed open. Masked raiders marched in. Much of the detail fuzzy for the girl as her mother wisked her away. Pulling her down the hall and shutting a door behind them. Aleia was frightoned, tears pooling down her face as the door began to crack behind them. Openiing a secret panel she was pushed inside and told to stay quiet. The young girl couldnt see anything but heard the door give and her mother uprehanded,demanding where the child was. Naturally her mother said nothing as they begain to tear the place down. Aleia frightoned stayed still, barly breathing in fear that she would be found.

After what seemed like hours the men left, thinking she had slipped passed them threw the back window and out into the streets to hide. It wasn't until hours later when the Naboo security forces came in that she came out. Collapsing on the floor as she was carryied away. For the queen was worried, Caposatia had supposed to drop off one of the other dresses that day and was never late and had sent someone to check on her. When the door was found forced in the security came. Only Aliea was recovered. Caposatia was nowhere to be found and would never be heard from again. The dress that she had started to work on lay in a heap on the floor. Before they left Aleia managed to tear a piece of the gentle cloth from it, to which she would carry for the rest of her life in her mothers memory.

The years turned, the young frightoned girl was taken intot he palace and raised near the queen. Never with a status, but also regarded as the daughter of the best seemstress the planet had seen. Noone ever found the reason why behind the attack and in time life moved on. Aleia was now ten years of age. Almost a quiet child with no friends, save the Queen and a few palace guards. Her tutors thought her brilliant, for the girl took to learning with a thirst. Everything she read from a text she could respond back in adult clarity. When she wasn't in classes she trained in martial arts and hand to hand combat with the queens guards.It wasn't soon long after that she started to learn how to pilot small speeders out in the plains. A compleate natural, as she was always watched by at least one guard. Noone denied it to her, the thrill was one joy in her life and seemed to make her happy. It was from one of those guards that had contact with the imperial forces naval force. Telling them how talented she was at such a young age.

As well the age of recruitment, they wern't picky. Talent in her area was harder to come by. With no family it made it all the more easier to convience the queen that she needed to go with them. Aleia would have a better life and a career. At first there was objections, but after many arguments the deal was done. The reasoning was that once she would have been of age she had no true status and, even then the next queen may not take to kindly to the girl. So, late one night Aleia was dragged away off to be raised in the naval academy.. Of course once she learned all her skills she decided to skat out when she was fifteen. Driven by some urge to go her own way, she became a pilot, merc and theif. Whatevr it took to get the job done. She was skilled at knives and other wapons. Something some foudn odd. And at times, she sowore she could control people. Though her skills were very good she never thought herself more then just an average human girl that was excelled in a few talents. Even when those teice her age couldn't do the feats she could do. It neve rocciruse to her she was very sensative to the force.
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Saphira Striker

Saphira Striker

Female Number of posts : 123
Age : 34
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Registration date : 2008-10-18

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PostSubject: Re: Aleia Dreycon   Aleia Dreycon Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 5:17 pm

Academy Days: ( A taste at her personality and more) before she left the academy)

The turbolift was the only way to get to her finial class of the day. Carrying a rucksack, Aleia straightened her uniform. The instructor was not going to be happy. She had been here already eight years, the place her home even if it harbored her studies. However, tardiness wasn't tolerated on any accounts say a sick.

Even then they take those with a grain of salt

She thought mildly as the doors hissed open. Pushing past a few senior cadets Aleia practically ran down the hall, her boots tapping a frantic beat as she slung her bag over her right arm. Each day was training, duties, chow, physical training and study. Pursing her lips, she blew a strand of brown hair out of her eyes and slowed down as she approached the training room. Her heart skipped a beat as today was the day they were allowing her to go into the sims!

The girl was only sixteen, a year younger then most recruits. However Aleia had been raised here, leaning everything over and over until it was perfect. There was no time to be a child and spend time in daydreams. Not sense she had arrived and even then those days were massive amount of hours in isolation as she was being "re-programed" as her first mentor had told her.

"Cadet Dreycon reporting!"

Her voice chirped in as she addressed the senior instructor. A stern looking man whom the other cadets actually feared. The man was brilliant, earning many awards for bravery and valor. However, his dark manner and stern expression mingled his cold grey eyes. He wasn't handsome. Aging and too many years fighting tore away at the soul. Grimly, he snapped his head as the other cadets stood at attention. Aleia caught the warning look from his eyes and took her place at the end of the ranks.

"Today, many of you will embark on the beginning of your career"

The cool voice stamped out. Eyes flickering across the group. About twenty cadets stood before, eager looks in their eyes as they wanted to prove themselves.

"I am Captain Se'iel. From this moment on you are mine. What happens here will determine your next step in the navy. Take a good look at each other kiddies. I have a fail percentile of 95%. Those of you that fail will return back to your text books and return here again in eight months. If you fail twice then you Will NOT be flying in my navy."

If a pin dropped one could hear it. The effect took to the seriousness level. If you failed you were a washout and all those years of hard work would wind you as the cleaning crew, cooks or some other menial job for washouts.

"Only the best I will accept. Even in simulation, if you die, then you will wish you had after I am threw with you. No Exceptions..."

His cold glare rested on Aleia for a moment as he walked up and down the ranks. As if sizing them up before the slaughter. The girl herself, stood very still. A look of challenge in her eyes. It was only this morning that she received the holo-vid telling her to report to the sims. Obviously someone thought she was ready. Se'iel, on the other hand looked very unhappy with her being there.

One by one the cadets chose a sim. The first test was very basic. Could each pilot place the equipment on correctly? Aliea placed the helmet, making sure the hoses were connected correctly as to naval standards. Everyone passed that, as the hatches were shut and darkness overtook her for a moment. A hissing sound as air rushed in the cabin and lights came to life.

Instantly a grin swept across her face as her hands went to e switches to coms. Light static erupted before the instructors voice came threw.

"Now listen up, your mission is to head to the kaut system and destroy the small smuggling station that is there."

His voice crackled a few more times, giving them call signs of Delta. Aleia was Delta 5 as she acknowledged and sunk into her training. It was clear that the sim training was going to be a rough take down for the next few days. A point system based off how well you flew skill wise, life expentacny and if your team won your mission objective. They pretended a short jump with the fleet and then deployed their fighters.

Her teams leader gave out the coordinates as she punched them into the nav computer. It was a short hope when her screen blazed of bogie's.

"Delta leader, bogie's at .045."

"Acknowledge Delta 5, Squad form right flank. Keep it tight guys."

The back of her hair stood up. Whoever was in charge was going to get them killed. Grasping the sick she pulled back into formation.

"Delta Leader, spread out. Two by two. Basic maneuvers will not work.."

Her voice crackled, as their leader snapped at her. Aleia sighed and disregarded him. Book smarts were one thing, but they all knew them. One of her teammates seemed to have caught on as the enemy formed up and started to circle them. Common over with her she formed a wing mate.

"Delta 8, need a hand?"

She smiled, responding to keep close as the first attacker shot in. Aleiapulled the stick up and moved the fighter into a right roll, diving down and around and then locking aim onto him. Letting loose her fire as she watched the kid panic and roll directly into her line of fire....

Se'iel watched the cadet's progress on the monitors. Each team was well trained in text knowledge as each group he was given was. However, about five will possibly pass and go on to the real deal within the following weeks. One in particular he was most watchful on. Frowning, he watched as Delta 5 executed perfect barrel rolls to take out another Cadet. At first he wasn't pleased with having one so young in the ranks.

It took higher command to grudgingly take her the last minute in this course. Personally he had hoped she would have been one of the first to be taken down. That soon changed when she saw that textbook smarts wasn't going to get them anywhere. Not when he modified the other sides tactics. The leader of Delta was one of the first to be taken out. Se'iel made a note to send him packing right off. The young cadet's scores were skyrocketing. Easily beating out the scores from his last three previous courses. By the end of the week, he knew she was going to be one of the only cadets that wouldn't fail......

Pulling the stick back, Aleia pulled her craft threw another barrel roll. Having made the mistake and overshooting her target she took hold to instinct and lurched to the side. Her screen giving readouts as she pulled the throttle back. Most of her squad was either disabled or 'killed'. As was the other side, save one more person then Delta Squad.

"Almost there.."

Talking to herself as she nosedived down and up into a turn to avoid another ray of shots. Nothing else mattered now. The mission had to be completed. Diving deeper into the training Sim she flipped two switches that held torpedo's. Taking aim she lurched to the side and let the weapons go.. The lights went out and the Sim was over.


Pulling off her equipment the hatched opened and she hoped out. Planting her feet on the ground as other cadets looked around nervously. Se'il walked out, face an unreadable mask.


He barked, watching them scramble into a straight line. Coolly he walked it, stopping only once to look at Aleia. The girl stared straight back and past him. as to not give him a reason to say anything. She learned earlier never to give an instructor a reason to have a go at you.

"Pathetic... Disgrace, and you call yourselves pilots... I haven't seen scores this bad in a long time. Cadet Garet. Front and center. Cadet Barns, Choi, Ae'rl,.."

He barked half the group to step forward. Each one paling to a pasty white, but moved. Her own eyes went open when her name wasn't called.

"Those of you not called, congrats. You pass Phase one of this weeks trials. As for the rest I will see you in eight months. Cadet Garet, you on the other hand are threw."

Aleia stood still but recognized him as her Sim flight leader. Stomach churning she took a breath and let it out slowly.

"Sir. This was my first -"

Se'il rounded on him, moved with deft swiftness as he about pressed his face into he cadet.

"YOU of all knew better. Disregarding your teams requests when it became obvious that you all were going to be outmaneuvered. You risked your entire flights lives for pride. Dreycon, font and center. The rest Dismiss. Those that failed will return to me at 2100 for menial duty.."

Wonderfull, just great. Now he's going to tear into me and change his mind.

Aleia thought as she ran forward. Reaching them as the rest of the class hurried out. No one wanted to be involved or be regarded for further duties. The mere mention of menial duties was enough to hear utter groans. Just what he had planned for the failures was enough that Aleia didn't want to know what he had in mind for them. Se'il snapped his head to her and then back to the cadet.

"If it wasn't for her, your squad would have been slaughtered easily. Even smart pilots know when to not listen to their chain of command."


His voice was quiet as the cadet flickered his eyes to Aleia. Full anger and hatred was seen in them as she swallowed and waited for him to round on her.

"Dreycon may be young, but that is no regards to not listen to your teammates. Someone is always better then you. Now Dismiss, and cadet.. You will have duty with me for the next six months."

Rather quickly, he walked out. Anger in his steps and Aleia knew she would have to watch her back for a while now. Still, she wasn't dismissed herself and stayed still as he then looked to her.

"You are an outstanding pilot Cadet. You have never flown before?"

His demeanor instantly changed. Shock must had spread on her face because he then laughed.

"Speak up Cadet."

"No sir. Never ships. But speeders when I was a younger child.."

Her voice piped up as the man seemed to think for a moment. ALeia could almost see his mind at work.

"Your perfection at basic maneuvers ascends most who I see. The barrel rolls I did not expect to be so precise. From now on I will have to keep a closer watch on you. However, that doesn't mean slack up. You 'S-turns is a little shaky. Ease up on the stick next time."

"Yes Sir!"

He then dismissed her. Still shocked as she grabbed her rucksack. Before reaching the door he called out to her again.

"Cadet, this doesn't mean you tell the others. I may come off as a hard-ass to everyone else, but when that one rare talent comes threw here I will take under my wing. I want you to report back here tonight at 2300 for special training. I will excuse you from lights out and first morning class. Speak of this to no one.."

Aleia nodded, knowing that the empty threat was legit. Her mind swimming, she straighted her uniform and swung the pack back to her shoulders. One of the best flight instructors had just taken her as his prodigy. Feeling much happier as the chow tone rang she slipped into the turbolift doors.The life of being in the Academy
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Aleia Dreycon
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