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PostSubject: Nidalap Jinn   Nidalap Jinn Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2008 9:25 pm

Here's a character I gave up on 3-4 years ago...and now have inexplicably decided to bring back.

Name: Nidalap Jinn

Age: 18

Weaponry: Unarmed

Appearance: Nidalap is a tall teenager with an athletic build, standing about 6’3” and weighing about 170 pounds. He had light brown hair and blue eyes that are deep with unwanted hardship and determination. His body is tanned due to many long hours at the beach, and his hands are calloused and rough due to his years of working to survive. Despite his years of hardship, he walks with a confident gait and is easy to pick out of a crowd.

History: Nidalap was born and raised on the planet of Garqi in the Outer Rim, and he can remember nothing but happiness from that carefree era. His parents loved him dearly, as he was their only child, and they frequently regaled him with tales of his heroic ancestors, most of them Jedi, several of them Jedi Masters. However, one day when he begged his parents to tell him more stories from his Jedi heritage, they refused, and finally his father told him that the stories were just that: stories. Nevertheless, Nidalap never truly believed this, and he continued to ask them questions, and his parents continued to deny that there was any truth to the tales. In spite of this, their relationship remained strong, and they were still a very tight-knit family. At the age of 8, however, Nidalap’s parents abruptly and without explanation left him at an orphanage, leaving him with only their memories. Before they left, however, they made him promise them two things: that he would forgive them for this, and that he would never let being an orphan hold him back from being successful and happy. That promise still echoes in his memory to this day.

Nidalap’s time at the orphanage was pleasant enough, though every day he would wait outside in the hopes that his parents would return. He remained aloof to the other orphans and spent most of his time alone, and things continued this way until he reached the age of 12. This was when Nidalap was transferred to another orphanage on a different planet: Coruscant. There he came under the care of Sister Nena, a kindly soul who cared for Nidalap like a son. Upon hearing the stories of his ancestors, stories that still remained with him, she told him stories of her own regarding the Jedi and told him that with Jedi ancestors, he probably had the potential to become a Jedi himself. She encouraged him to give it a shot, and when he agreed, tried to secure his release from the orphanage into the care of the Jedi. However, the orphanage management did not take kindly to this suggestion, and they decided to transfer Nidalap from Nena’s care. The last time he saw her, he made her another promise: he would take care of himself and pursue his dreams wherever they may take him.

After Nena was removed from his life, Nidalap’s spirits deteriorated, and he was no longer content to remain at the orphanage. Thus, at the age of 13, he resolved to find his parents, and he escaped from the orphanage and never looked back. He found some kindly traders who agreed to take him to Garqi with them, and felt as though he was on his way. Unfortunately, they had to make a crash landing on the planet of Telos, and both of the traders were killed.

Nidalap was left to fend for himself, and while at first he made an attempt to reach out to the Jedi, once almost becoming a Padawan of the Jedi Warrior Bowen Darvelle, the Jedi eventually told him to seek out the regular Jedi, as he did not consider himself a worthy master. Gradually, as Nidalap got caught up in the battle for work and survival, his thoughts of becoming a Jedi and finding his parents faded and faded until they were nothing but a memory. Finding Telos a difficult place to eke out a living, Nidalap saved up money and moved to Naboo, where he met a girl, a Jedi Padawan about his age, named Dawn Skywalker. To her, he promised that he would become whatever he wished to be, and this promise, too, stuck in his mind…but this promise, too, proved difficult to fulfill, as Nidalap once again got caught up in his life and his work. But he never forgets a promise, and he is determined to eventually fulfill all three of the pivotal promises he made in his lifetime.
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Nidalap Jinn
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