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PostSubject: The Slayer   The Slayer Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2008 9:23 pm

I think it's time we had a character on this board who is not a Jedi or a Sith...

Name: Unknown. Called Slayer.

Status: Fully Trained Evil Neutral

Master: Sith Jawa

Personality: Slayer’s only emotions seem to be the moderated, controlled anger he utilizes to access the Force, the perverse pleasure he takes in killing people, and the contempt he feels towards those he deems to be foolish and unimportant. However, though befriending him may prove difficult and even dangerous, if you succeed you would find him to be a fiercely loyal and competent ally, as well as a ‘pleasant’ companion.

Appearance: Shrouded in brown robes, he looks like a tall Jawa, but his true species is known only to himself. He has many weapons hanging around his waist, and his eyes stare out of his hood, constantly changing color.

Equipment: Slayer has an arsenal of weaponry that includes: knives, thermal detonators, a blastsword, a gold saber (, a red saber (, a grenade blaster, a watch (the last two custom-built and invented by Redack), a vibroblade, a vibroaxe, and blaster pistols.

Ship: Black Panther, a black YT-2400 Corellian Frieghter.

Pets: Two Vornskrs, an ysalimiri.

History: Not much is known of Slayer before he began his training, except that he is 45 years of age and worked as an assassin before he sought out the Sith. He was trained by Sith Jawa in the dark side of the Force, and took Kira's side in the so-called Second Sith War, which turned out to be a single battle. Disgusted at the lack of blood loss and by the amount of Sith traitors, Slayer left the Sith to pursue his life as a Bounty Hunter, along with Androx and Redack.

On his own, Slayer did quite well. He took over a mansion on Kuat after the owner met an unfortunate end and began to build himself a crime syndicate, with his top lieutenants Vické and Derala. His crime syndicate expanded to include a base within the Maw Cluster, but this base soon was abandoned after too many learned of its existence. He became quite well known throughout the following years and traveled around the galaxy doing whatever he felt like doing, one time rescuing the soon-to-be Dark Lord Malas from dire straits. Slayer then vanished from prominence for several years for unknown reasons. Whatever the reason, his partnership with Androx and Redack seemed to be over, as Androx, too, became inactive and Redack tired of waiting. Now, however, Slayer has returned, and with new plans to expand his syndicate.
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The Slayer
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